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Lauriol Plaza | DC's Best Mexican Food

Hello, hello. I hope your week is off to a great start, I know mine is because I’m still digesting last night’s great dinner at Lauriol Plaza, one of my very favorite DC restaurants, the subject of today’s post, and the latest addition to my District of Calories restaurant recommendations.

As Brian gets ready to move to Atlanta (yep, Atlanta will eventually be our new home, but Brian is getting a head start), we’re making a point of dining at our favorite DC restaurants with our favorite DC people and Lauriol was at the very top of the list.

DC Food Guide | Lauriol Plaza Mexican

Living in the heart of Dupont Circle, there are plenty of ways I don’t take advantage of my location, but my proximity to Lauriol Plaza at 18th and T NW is something I abuse on a quite frequent basis.

Coming from Colorado, I know great Mexican food when I see it, and I can confidently say Lauriol’s is the best. Not only are the food and service great (although I do recommend avoiding Fridays and Saturdays just because of how crowded and busy it gets), the ambiance is quite lovely despite the affordable prices. Especially for a Mexican restaurant. You know what I mean. 

Also, in case you were wondering, these pictures are actually from a couple of months ago, back when it was warm enough to eat outside. Yesterday’s dinner took place indoors thanks to the brisk evening weather. 

DC Food Guide - Lauriol Plaza Chips and Salsa

Each meal begins with a generous bowl of fresh tortilla chips, the thin kind, and cups of smoky house salsa. 

Lauriol Plaza - DC Food Guide
I always make a mess. 

Lauriol Plaza Vegetable Fajitas
I also always order the same thing: abundant and colorful vegetable fajitas. A delicious stir-fry of fresh, crisp vegetables that come with a stack of best-ever flour tortillas. 

Pinto Beans Lauriol Plaza
And while the vegetable fajitas come with black beans and white rice, I ask for the regular pinto beans and Mexican rice, because my reasons for ordering the meatless fajitas aren’t vegetarian. I just happen to love their veggies. 

Lauriol Plaza Chicken Fajitas

Brian, also a creature of habit, always gets the chicken fajitas. We’re not sure how they do it, but the chicken is always perfectly juicy and flavorful, and Brian will devour the whole platter. Most people can only get through half. 

Lauriol Plaza Frozen Swirl Margaritas
Brian isn’t most people.

Like my love, Lauriol’s frozen margaritas are hard to resist and even I can’t help but sneak several sips of their signature Swirl (Strawberry and Lime) Margarita. It’s delicious!

I think I’ll leave things there, but just want to add that the experience really can’t be beat. Cheers to that!

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2 Responses to district of calories: lauriol plaza

  1. Wage says:

    Haven’t heard of this and now I need to go! Please add us to your list of favorite people to have dinner with before Brian goes, you all will be missed!!

    • Yang says:

      of course! you guys are high on the list for sure. your house is so comfy, we might prefer to go out to you guys and make it a Virginia dinner night :). Brian won’t officially move until January, so we’ll have some time to put a date on the calendar.

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