midweek pick me up


Ain't Nobody Got Time for Fat
Now ain’t that the truth. 

I’m gonna be real with you guys. Before yesterday morning, I hadn’t stepped into a gym for almost a year, all while still paying for my membership. How pathetic is that? That was rhetorical, please don’t answer.

Why did I keep paying? Out of punishment is why, and because I wanted to keep the option open should the urge to work out ever strike. It didn’t. It still hasn’t, but it’s now gotten to the point where it’s less about the want and a whole lot more about the need. In one word – Desperate, with a capital D. 

Yesterday was tough, this morning too (two days in a row!), but I’m really happy to be giving this whole taking-better-care-of-my-body thing another go. Hopefully, making all of this public in today’s pick-me-up (in lieu of the traditional pic-me-up) will keep me accountable and on my own case. 

Thanks for putting up with me, and happy hump day!

P.S. The image above was created using a photo that I took on Santa Monica Pier last February. I don’t have any beach trips on the horizon just yet, but a slimmed-down figure would certainly come in handy should that change. 

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5 Responses to midweek pick me up

  1. Teesa says:

    proud of you, yang! keep it up :))

    • Yang says:

      thanks! don’t expect any major change in appearance when you see me in a couple of weeks. both rohini and I will be home the weekend of the 18th!

  2. Teesa says:

    haha, you certainly don’t need any change. can’t wait to see you both!! will brian be coming as well?

    • Yang says:

      yep! Rohini’s bringing Matthew back with her too. She wants us all to get together Saturday night for a little birthday celebration, so keep that open please. She’ll send out details when she knows them.

  3. Teesa says:

    sounds good :)

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