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Pic Me Up - 4.22
Brian and I had a lovely time visiting with my parents over the weekend. It was a true friend and family affair with all of the usual great food and great company. Here are the photos to prove it. A few notes:

Top left: Our flight to Denver was delayed by nearly three hours, meaning we didn’t get to my parents’ until 2 a.m. DC time. Given that setback, you’d think my mom would know better than to make us a full-fledged meal (especially when I told her not to), and yet she did exactly that, two lobsters too. Lobsters! Oh, mother.

We celebrated Rohini’s birthday at the Denver Rio on Saturday, so the timing of the trip couldn’t have been better. It was so great spending time with her, her boyfriend Matthew, and a handful of our favorite people including my dear friend Teesa (this blog’s number one fan). Love you, Teesa!

Bottom right: Outback’s $11.99 3-course meal deal is awesome and I mean that. I’m a lover of fine foods, but that doesn’t mean I’m above admitting that everyone’s favorite Australian-themed chain and its Bloomin’ Onion are out-of-control good. Run, don’t walk before the deal ends. The onion will cost you extra, but it’s worth it.

Happy hump day!

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2 Responses to midweek pic me up

  1. Teesa says:

    not gonna lie, i was definitely looking forward to this week’s pic me up! love you yang!

    would you mind emailing me the picture of all of us in front of rio if you have it?

    glad you snapped a picture of those lobsters haha. also glad to see you guys got some village inn pie time in.

    -#1 fan

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