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Pic Me Up - 5.20
Memorial Day weekend generally marks the unofficial start of summer, but for me, things kicked off a week early when my parents and brother came to town to watch me receive my long-awaited Georgetown MBA. The ceremony itself was boring and not all that, but I’ll take just about any excuse to get my parents to DC for some quality time and quality feasting. I’ll have the lowdown on all of my favorite local eats Friday.

Speaking of restaurants, I’m headed to Chicago this morning to cover the most famous one there is – McDonald’s. They’re holding their annual shareholders’ meeting tomorrow and this year’s is of particular interest because of all of the worker protests surrounding it. Brian and I already had plans to be in Chi-town this weekend for his cousin’s bat mitzvah (my first ever!), so this sudden work trip really works out in my favor. Most of our time and meals there have already been claimed by family events, so getting there a few days early lets me have a couple more meals to taste what Chicago has to offer, all on the company’s dime too. Amen to that!

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  1. Teesa says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! looks like you had a wonderful time with the family. and that’s awesome that you get to go cover the protests. can’t wait to hear how everything goes in chicago, especially the bar mitzvah!

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