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Pic Me Up - Sarasota

A few snapshots from our weekend visiting Brian’s aunt, uncle and cousin in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. It was amazing and the kind of weekend you wish you could live on repeat. But, because we can’t, we’ve made it a personal goal of ours to visit at least once a year.

If you ever make your way there, do stop by the Sarasota Farmers Market, grab lunch at Patrick’s, and make sure you catch a performance at Circus Sarasota. If you’re ever in Venice, FL, stop in Sharky’s on the Pier for lunch. The Mahi Tacos were fantastic as was the Key Lime Pie and I don’t usually even like key lime pie.

Thanks for a fantastic weekend, Katz family!

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6 Responses to midweek pic me up

  1. Kasia says:

    Looks amazing! Makes me want to get to a beach asap….

  2. Ruth Feinberg says:

    I seem to have developed instant hunger looking at the food photos…..

    Also some envy looking at all of you.
    Looking forward to seeing all of you in October.

    • Yang says:

      We missed you, but you were prominently featured in many of the pictures around the house, so in a way, it felt like you were all there with us. Still, nothing compares to the real deal and October better get here soon. Really looking forward to it too.

  3. Teesa says:

    love seeing all the traveling you’ve been doing! especially to see loved ones :)

    • Yang says:

      Thanks, Teesa! I’ll actually be home next weekend, because I’m a child and can’t be away from my parents for long. I hope you’re around then.

  4. Teesa says:

    so exciting! and i’m for sure available (being unemployed makes for a lot of free time)

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