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Pic Me Up - Cleveland Wedding
Happy hump day! I couldn’t be happier to be at the halfway point of this week. Actually, that’s not true. I’d really prefer for it to be Friday, but we’ll get there in due time. Until then, here are some pictures from our weekend scouting out wedding venues in Brian’s beloved Cleveland, Ohio. We’re still not officially booked just yet, but should be getting there soon. I’ll keep you all posted!

P.S. Have you ever eaten at a Bob Evans restaurant? They’re a Weiss family road trip staple and after going twice, I’m hooked. $9.99 for a delicious three-course meal. You must go the next time you see a sign for one. On our drive back to DC, I also tried Sheetz for the first time and loved that too! God bless, America. 

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  1. Teesa says:

    my fingers are crossed and i’m sending good thoughts your way!! and from your pictures, cleveland looks soooo pretty.

    and the picture of you and brian is so cute. LOVE your eyebrows (weird compliment, but i don’t care)

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