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Pic Me Up - Seattle

With the heaviest of hearts, Brian and I are ending our vacation today. I cannot say enough great things about how wonderful it’s all been. Seattle (a few snapshots above), Victoria and Vancouver were each superb and I loved having Brian all to myself for a full seven days. On this trip, we played the roles of lovebirds, tourists, foodies and friends, not just to each other but to the newly married Mr. & Mrs. Britt Staniar as well. As much fun as it was to eat and discover new things, one of the very best parts was spending time with our dear old friend Britt and his new wife Lauren. Time with friends is also how we’ll be getting back into the swing of things. I hadn’t planned it that way, but over the next few days we have several dinners and dates with friends scheduled, making the transition from vacation paradise to DC working life a lot less painful. Thank God for two-day workweeks. Happy hump day!

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