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Pic Me Up - Bat Mitzvah
Today’s pic me up features snapshots from our weekend in Sarasota celebrating Brian’s cousin’s bat mitzvah. The entire experience was beautiful and one that I will cherish forever. I’d been to several Jewish services just in the last few months, but this weekend was the first time the whole converting to Judaism thing really truly clicked for me. Being there, surrounded by Brian’s family, witnessing his cousin who I’ve come to adore take on her Jewish life and lead a congregation of hundreds with such poise and maturity, really blew me away. The party was awesome too. Other highlights pictured above include a mini airport Cinnabon, the best-ever hotel pool, tasty Publix supermarket deli sandwiches, chaperoning a rambunctious bus full of excited 12 and 13-year olds and personal Papa Johns pizzas at the Tampa airport. One thing’s for sure, this past weekend was one for the books. 

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