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Pic Me Up - NYC 10.28
Here’s a quick look at what I’ve been up to in New York. On Sunday, I got some quality time in with my dear friend Megan who came down from Connecticut to join me for the day and night. We spent our time walking around the city, stopping in stores and restaurants along the way. We also wasted a good deal of time at Paper Source as we often do, because we’re such wild and exciting 20-somethings. Yesterday was sister-brother time, and Bowen and I got dinner at our beloved Yakiniku West and caught a screening of Birdman at the Angelika. The film is both absurd and awesome and I highly recommend it. 

Tonight and tomorrow is more time with friends and I’m so looking forward to both. Wishing you similarly good weeks catching up with your own. Happy hump day! 

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3 Responses to midweek pic me up

  1. Chloe Joy says:

    I want to see that movie! Have you been to the Angelika pop-up in DC?? I’m dying to go.

  2. Teesa says:

    i love that picture of you and megan. you both look so young and refreshed! and it looks like you guys had a spa day :)

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