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Dupont Power Outage on Moving Day

Just one picture for you today. This was the scene outside my apartment yesterday morning. A manhole caught fire causing the Dupont, Logan and U-Street areas to be without power for most of the day. I’m talking 6am to 11pm, and it’s still not back in some places. Anyway, blackouts are inconvenient enough, especially at freezing temperatures, but even more so when you live on the 10th floor and you and your fiancĂ© need to move him and his small mountain of worldly possessions out of your apartment, just you and him, down the pitch-black stairwell. So that was my Tuesday afternoon. I hope yours was better.

Now, I’m typing this in the car from somewhere in central Virginia as we make our way down to Atlanta for Brian’s move. I’ll be busy helping him set up house, so you may not hear from me again until next week. If that is indeed the case, I’m wishing you a happy rest of the week and fully-powered weekend. 

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