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My Precious Car
Not even three days in and any ambitions I had for making this week an on-time blogging week have flown completely out the window. Still, I’m cutting myself a little bit of slack since I tried to take in as much quality time with my parents while at home (heading back to DC today, sniff) and tried to get adjusted to the new job. So before I run off to catch a plane, I thought I’d share a picture of my new favorite mode of transportation – my dear Honda CR-V! Friends of mine know that I’ve fantasized about owning this car for years. I love it so much that I’m fairly confident that I would still opt for this car if I won the lottery. It’s that perfect to me and I’m just that crazy. And then I remember that two of our friends recently bought CR-Vs of their own and I find comfort that we can all be CR-V fanatics together. God bless my precious car and please keep it safe from dings. 

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  1. Teesa says:

    i am so late on congratulations (work has been INSANE), but congratulations on your new job and car!!! i hope to be as cool as you one day. i hope you had fun at home and i’ll see you when you visit next month :)

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