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Macau Family
{My adorable aunts, mom and me}

Hi there! We’re about to start the next leg of my trip to the motherland with a 7-day tour of China’s beautiful Hunan province. I’m quite excited. 

But before I disappear for who knows how long, I want to share some pictures from our day trip to Macau. I didn’t particularly care for it, and at times, it felt as if the place was conceived just to ruin my plans for Hong Kong Disney, but that’s another story for another day. In the end, any time spent with my beloved aunts and mom is a good time in my book.

A-Ma TempleMacau Window PatternMacau Incense
{Sights from A-Ma Temple, Macau’s oldest place of worship}

I enjoy watching people burn incense at Buddhist temples, just not when it’s 100 degrees. 

Macau Tiles

Macau’s pretty patterned tiles were my second-favorite thing about the place. 

Macau Umbrella Egg Tart
{Colorful newspaper stands & Portuguese egg tarts}

These Portuguese egg tarts were my number-one favorite. They and they alone made the trip worthwhile.

Ruins St. Paul
{Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral}

SPaulo SignMacau St Paul Duo
{View from the steps of St. Paul’s & happy Chinese tourists}

That’ll do it from me for now. Until next time! 

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