our wedding: getting ready pictures


080815BYW35{Photography by the one and only Kayla of Full Bloom Photography}

For the next several Wednesdays, I’ll be rolling out pictures from different parts of our wedding day, and another honeymoon video too. If weddings aren’t your thing, consider this fair warning. If you are a fan (because who doesn’t love a wedding, really?), you’re in luck as today’s post starts with the very beginning when a girl and her friends, and a guy and his, decided to get dressed for a wedding. I’m gonna keep this one short and let the beautiful pictures by the talented Kayla speak for themselves. 

I was so happy with my shoes (Kate Spade Miva Heels in Ivory). Not only were they perfectly bridal, but the 3-inch heel was among the lower ones I could find. With that said, did I last in them through the night? Absolutely not. But that’s really more a reflection of my zero tolerance for high heels than it is the structure of the shoe. 


{My shoes, the borrowed diamond tennis bracelet I got from Brian’s dad and the cheap 20-dollar earrings I found at Macy’s}


{My wedding dress by Anna Maier purchased at Joan Pillow Bridal in Atlanta}

080815BYW27{Added sash – I loved the details and the fact that it tied at the back with a thick tulle ribbon}


080815BYW90 080815BYW79{My precious Jillian}

080815BYW76{My sis Kate}

{Bridesmaid gifts – get all the details}


080815BYW97{My beautiful Megan}

080815BYW148 080815BYW149

 {Shameless selfies}

080815BYW82{Brian’s sister Lisa}

080815BYW167080815BYW178{Brian’s beautiful Grandma Ruth joined the getting-ready party}

080815BYW107 080815BYW152{My beautiful momma}

080815BYW99{My turn}



080815BYW115 080815BYW130{Groomsmen gifts and Chinese double happiness cufflinks}

080815BYW151 080815BYW150 080815BYW143 080815BYW137080815BYW170{The boys getting ready}

080815BYW214{So many buttons}

080815BYW206080815BYW223080815BYW212{My beautiful Kasia – my rock and source of advice through this whole process}

080815BYW215080815BYW220{The finishing touches}

That’s all I have for you today. Looking back, the getting-ready stage was one of the best parts of the whole day, probably because things got quite a bit more crazy soon after. What I loved most was that even though my bridesmaids represent different parts of my life (many meeting for the first time at my bachelorette party) they couldn’t have gotten along better and each did a great job soothing any wedding-day stress. It also helped that we didn’t get married until 6pm, and didn’t start getting ready until after noon. How people get married and get ready any earlier is beyond me. 

For more wedding-related fun, I shared my four favorite wedding pictures, and a look at our Chinese rehearsal dinner a few days back.

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