Pic Me Up - Hong Kong

My time in Hong Kong is officially halfway over. Here are some pictures with many more to come. Happy Wednesday!

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Fortune Finds5

This week’s installment for Fortune Finds strikes a good balance of East and West, kinda like Hong Kong. Without further ado, here are a few things tickling my fancy:

1. My top priority at the moment is finding a Hello Kitty iPhone case. I’ve always wanted one, but could never get away with it in DC. My plan now is to find one, let my freak flag fly and make the most of it these next few weeks. 
2. S’mores snickerdoodles perfect for summer gatherings. 
3. Feeling majorly homesick after seeing these pictures of the Washington Monument’s new look. 
4. I am who I am thanks to Seinfeld. 
5. I know nothing about yoga, but really want to get into it. This guide helps make some sense of it all. 
6. Recipes to help me take my current bubble-tea addiction back home. 
7. This documentary on online “privacy” looks both outstanding and frightening. 
8. Looking forward to my trip to Hunan next week. How awesome do these mountains look? 

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{Tian An Men – Gate of Heavenly Peace}

Hello! Life on the other side of the world has been a busy one, but I’m back from my blogging hiatus, for now. My trip kicked off with a quick visit to Beijing. I’ve been there a handful of times, and always enjoy rediscovering the sights. Here are a few photos from my day as a tourist. 

Summer Palace Sky
{Forbidden City & Summer Palace}

We were so very lucky that Beijing’s infamous smog chose to skip town in our time there. The skies were so clear and blue and made the 100-degree heat a little more bearable. 

Beijing Food

One of the toughest things about only being in Beijing for two nights was picking where and what to eat from all of the options. On Thursday, we celebrated July 4th eating shumai dumplings at DuYiChu, a restaurant as old as our beloved USA. Peking Duck was mandatory and we devoured a fancy, modern take at Dadong Duck on our final night. 

Great Wall LandscaipeGreat Wall
Great Wall
{Mutianyu Great Wall}

The Great Wall is always breathtaking. We went to the Mutianyu section known for having the best views. The scenery was as advertised, but I think what I loved most about it was how surprisingly uncrowded it was. Feeling at peace in China is a precious thing. 


That does it for now. I hope you had yourself a great Fourth of July weekend. I know I did. 

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Pic Me Up - London

This week’s pic me up goes out to a little town called London.

Some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever had was enjoyed in London’s Chinatown last summer. My family was only in London for three days and we went to Chinatown for four of our meals. 

I’m on my way to the real deal now. We’ll see how it compares. 

See you on the other side!

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Fortune Finds4

T-minus one day until I takeoff for China. I already have plenty of things to keep me distracted, but why not add more to the list? Here you go:

1. These almost crochet Toms are also almost half the price. 
2. My apartment is tiny and not very party friendly, but I would love to make pretty these pretty painted party cups
3. One of the things I’m most looking forward to on my trip is a visit to Hong Kong Disney. Here’s a list of useful tips to make your Disney trip that much better. 
4. How amazing does this panzanella look? Salad made with bread is my kind of salad. 
5. I’ve been craving hot dogs lately. I want to try each one of these regional hot-dog styles.
6. As someone who commits the writer’s faux pas that is passive voice all too often. I’m happy to see the English language is changing for folks like me. Get pumped. 
7. I can’t touch my toes. These flexibility tips should help with that. 
8. I’m still a real dodo when it comes to real photography. This very basic guide is also very helpful. 

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If you’re an avid fortune goodies follower, you’ll notice that today was the first weekday since I started this blog where I didn’t have a post published bright and early. I’ve had final exams and China on the brain and I’ve lost touch with my priorities. I’m not proud of it. 

I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind all five of you readers out there that I’ll be leaving for the motherland on Wednesday. I’ll be gone for 26 days, 26! and I’ll be going to about half as many cities in that time. Some of those places will offer great 21st-century amenities like wi-fi and running water, and others (Inner Mongolia, where my dad is from) will not. 

So you can expect more days like today where you don’t hear from me until late or don’t hear from me at all. Just know that it’s not because I’m off searching for the next thrill, but because I’m most likely looking for the nearest working sit-down toilet. Again, priorities.

No matter what, I’ll always have this little place on my mind. I’ll have my camera and iPhone in tow everywhere I go, and still plan hope to keep to my schedule of fortune finds, midweek pic me ups and #tbt recipe posts. So please check back again and often.

That’s my spiel. Thanks for reading and I hope you have an amazing July. Eat an extra July 4th dessert for me. I won’t be seeing this year’s White House fireworks, but I’ll be in the country that invented them. That’s got to count for something.

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