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Recipe Reciprocity - Triple Irish CupcakesRecipe Reciprocity - Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Recipe Reciprocity - Pistachio Donuts

Recipe Reciprocity - Guinness Sweet RollsRecipe Reciprocity - Lucky Treats

Feeling lucky? If so, I recommend giving the following St. Patrick’s Day treats a try. 

1. I typically live by a no-booze-in-my-baking rule, but even I can make an exception for St. Paddy’s day. The Sweet Chick’s Triple Irish Cupcakes with their Bailey’s cake, Irish whiskey filling and Guinness chocolate frosting are probably a little much for me, but I respect the booze-day enthusiasm. 
2. Loving these green and better-for-you Guacamole Deviled Eggs from I Wash You Dry. They’re great for St. Patrick’s Day, or any day really. 
3. Same goes for these Baked Pistachio Pudding Donuts from The Law Student’s Wife’s. 
4. Pistachio and booziness all-in-one: Blahnik Baker’s Guinness Pistachio Sweet Rolls with Bailey’s Cream Cheese Glaze. 
5. And because I’ll use just about any excuse to stray from my usual shredded wheat cereal, my favorite of the bunch are these here Lucky Treats made with Lucky Charms by Sweet C’s Designs. Simple and sweet. 

That’ll do it for this week’s hat tip to my fellow food bloggers. Thanks, ladies!

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