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Recipe Reciprocity - French Toast Rollups

Recipe Reciprocity - Breakfast Bake

Recipe Reciprocity - Breakfast TaquitosRecipe Reciprocity - Banana Bread DonutsRecipe Reciprocity - Best Breakfast Sandwich
I’ve had breakfast on my mind ever since Brian and I went to the illustrious International House of Pancakes to celebrate our anniversary last Wednesday. IHOP was the location of our first date more than four years ago. When I share that with people, their reaction is always, “you mean, the morning after?” And then I’ll yell something like, “No! I’m a lady.” Because really, I am, and trust me when I say we both went our separate ways. 

That’ll conclude the story portion of today’s post, but let’s ride this breakfast theme with these five homemade standouts from out in the blogosphere:

1. I’m trying these French Toast Rollups by The Girl Who Ate Everything as soon as I can. 
2. I love a good breakfast casserole and this Breakfast Bake by Dessert Now Dinner Later with its hash browns, sausage, cheese, eggs and green onion is right up my alley.
3. Breakfast Taquitos by Damn Delicious. Damn is right.
4. These Banana Bread Donuts by What’s Cooking with Ruthie are my ideal breakfast twofer.
5. I try not to read too much into superlatives, because I think they get thrown around a little too freely. But when I saw Framed Cooks’ Best Breakfast Sandwich recipe, I knew the title was well deserved.

That’ll do it for this week’s hat tip to my fellow food bloggers. Thanks, ladies! 

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3 Responses to recipe reciprocity

  1. Those French toast rollups….

  2. Thanks for the shout-out to my breakfast sandwich – and I’m with Monica on the french toast roll-ups – oh my! :)

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