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Recipe Reciprocity - Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade

Recipe Reciprocity - Raspberry Moscato Sangria

Recipe Reciprocity - Ultimate Picnic Punch

Recipe Reciprocity - Almond Banana Smoothie

Recipe Reciprocity - Basil Lemonade
Prior to this morning’s post, I once again let myself fall off the Thirsty Thursday wagon. No more of that please. Here’s hoping these five drink recipes will help get the juices flowing both literally and figuratively.

1. Damn Delicious’s Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade elevates the traditional lemon drink with just a few simple additions. 
2. Until I discovered Blackberry Manischewitz, Moscato was the only alcohol I could stand to sip. Both are barely alcoholic and taste like fruit juice. I’m a child. Even the most fruit-infused sangria is often too boozy for me, but The Messy Baker’s Raspberry Moscato Sangria (minus the vodka) might just pass the test. 
3. Brooke of Cheeky Kitchen has a recipe for what she calls the Ultimate Summer Picnic Punch. Big words that shouldn’t be thrown around lightly, I know. But don’t worry, the name is well-deserved. Slushy strawberry watermelon lemonade in a watermelon bowl? Ultimate sounds about right. 
4. The fine people over on 5 Degrees of Preparation say their Almond Banana Smoothie is healthy, easy and tastes like cake. Cake! Count me in.
5. I’m not wild about basil, but even I can see that it would go great with ice-cold lemonade. The Food Charlatan has a great recipe that promises not to be overly basil-y. I can appreciate that.

That’ll do it for this week’s hat tip to my fellow food bloggers. Thanks, ladies!  

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3 Responses to recipe reciprocity

  1. haha, recipe reciprocity, I love it! Also, that watermelon bowl. No way. Thanks for including my basil lemonade!

  2. I meant “no way” like “no way that’s awesome” btw :)

    • Yang says:

      Haha. No worries. I totally got you. Thank YOU for the recipe and the inspiration. Definitely giving it a try. Thanks again!

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