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Recipe Reciprocity - Golf Cupcakes

Recipe Reciprocity - Grill Cupcakes

Recipe Reciprocity - Hamburger Cupcakes

Recipe Reciprocity - Creme Brulee Cupcakes

Recipe Reciprocity - Beer Cupcakes
This week’s Recipe Reciprocity is all about cupcakes for all-important Father’s Day. This Sunday will be the farthest I’ve ever been from my dad, but also the most appreciative. I’m incredibly lucky to have that amazing man for a father, and a transatlantic phone call will be very much in order. He won’t be getting any baked goods from me this year, but believe you me, I’m making a mental note to whip some of these up next time around. 

1. All dads love golf. I’m convinced it’s in their DNAs. It’s that or they just like the excuse to get away from the wife and kids. Either way, Easybaked‘s Hole-in-one Cupcakes stuffed with my favorite Lindt white chocolate truffles are the best and smartest rendition of golf cupcakes I’ve seen, and dad is sure to love them.  
2. Not to brag or anything, but my dad’s grilling skills are known far and wide in the Colorado Chinese community. Life’s a Batch’s adorable Hot-off-the-Grill Cupcakes with their mini Hot Tamale hot dogs would make for quite the tribute.
3. And you can’t have hot dogs without hamburgers. Short Bread’s Hamburger Cupcakes are the answer.
4. My dad’s favorite dessert is crême brûlée and I have a feeling he’d love Cooking Classy’s Crême Brûlée Cupcakes. Since I’ll be missing Father’s Day and can’t wait until next year, I might try to make these in November for his birthday.
5. And finally, there’s nothing more man or father-appropriate than Beer Cupcakes, and The Seaside Baker’s got just the recipe. 

That’ll do it for this week’s hat tip to my fellow food bloggers. Consider this your friendly reminder to mail that card for your dad. 

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