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Recipe Reciprocity - Spaghetti with Currywurst SauceRecipe Reciprocity - Apple Strudel

Recipe Reciprocity - Sproud KrautRecipe Reciprocity - Bratwurst Pretzel Grilled Cheese

Recipe Reciprocity - German Potato Salad
Keeping with the German theme, this week’s Recipe Reciprocity features some great twists on the Bavarian classics I’ve come to love. But still, go USA!

1. Currywurst, a delicacy described in my Berlin food guide, was good, but not my favorite. Something felt like it was missing. After seeing Masala Herb’s Spaghetti with Currywurst Sauce, I now know that that something is spaghetti. 
2. I’m now a huge fan of Apple Strudel, not that I wasn’t before, but I like it so much now that I really want to make some of my own at home. Most of the recipes I’ve found look  a bit intimidating, but this one from Kitchen Nostalgia with its storebought phyllo dough looks right up my alley.
3. I’m a huge fan of sauerkraut and love the original just as it is, but even I can see the appeal to brussels sprouts sauerkraut, and will be giving Jan’s Sushi Bar’s cleverly named Sprout Kraut a try.
4. Tastespotting’s Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Pretzel Grilled Cheese is all of my favorite German foods rolled into one genius dish.
5. After devouring a full serving of Shake Shack cheese fries last night (man, did I miss them), I told myself I had to lay off the potatoes for a while. And then, I stumbled upon Five Heart Home’s German Potato Salad and all of that went out the window.

That’ll do it for this week’s recipe inspiration. Thanks, ladies!

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  1. Kasia says:

    Yummy these all look so good! One of each please….

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