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Posting a little bit late once again, because it seems I can’t even keep up with a shortened workweek, but enough about that nonsense. If you have any last-minute July 4th food needs, check out these patriotic ideas from around the blogosphere.

1. My dear Kasia, proudly Polish, shared her grandmother’s recipe for Sernik na Zimno (aka Cold Cheesecake) a few days ago, and it was so pretty and red, white and blue that I knew I had to share it. It’s of the halfway homemade variety since it uses store-bought angel food cake, and best of all, requires no baking. I also love how it pays tribute to both her Polish and American sides. 
2. I went through this shortlived cake pop phase a few years ago, because the process of dipping always-dropping cake balls wasn’t always fun for me. Miss Candiquik’s Stars & Stripes Cake Batter Spoons look much more straight forward, much more patriotic, too.
3. Luckily, this 4th of July won’t be one of the more sweltering ones. Still, I can see myself wanting to keep cool with Katrina Kitchen’s all-American Triple Berry Frozen Smoothies.
4. I’m smitten with Spicy Southern Kitchen’s great idea for 4th of July Fruit Kabobs. I’m not sure why I’m so impressed with them, because the melon and mozarella combo isn’t anything new, but something about the blueberries and watermelon make these extra lovely for me.
5. And lastly, chocolate-dipped strawberries are nothing new, but I love the festive presentation of Life Tastes Like Food’s red, white and blue version.

Thanks for the great ideas, ladies! May your 4th be obnoxiously tri-colored.

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