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Recipe Reciprocity - Homemade GoldfishRecipe Reciprocity - Crab Wonton Nachos Recipe Reciprocity - Cinnamon Toast Crunch Popcorn Recipe Reciprocity - Chocolate Banana Bites Recipe Reciprocity - Thyme & Pepper Cheez-Its

Believe it or not, I’ve actually been doing an ok job eating smaller meals. Unfortunately, any progress there is being erased by all of the additional snacking I’ve been doing. Woops. If I were a more disciplined person, I would drop the snacking altogether, but because I’m not, I might as well snack in style with these great offerings from around the blogosphere.

1. Who doesn’t love Goldfish? My guess is Anecdote and Apples’ homemade crackers are even better.
2. You know me and my love for crab wontons, so you can imagine how I just about fell out of my chair when I stumbled upon The Little Kitchen’s Spicy Crab Wonton Nachos. Amazing.
3. I love a good gussied-up popcorn, especially the look of A Zesty Bite’s Cinnamon Toast Popcorn.
4. I love Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered banana slices, but never thought about making my own. Freutcake’s version looks both fancy and easy.
5. Last but not least, Chow Creations’ Thyme & Black Pepper Cheez-its. I’ve tried my hand at Cheez-its before, but never quite like these babies.
That’ll do it for this week’s shout-out to my fellow food bloggers. Thanks, ladies!

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