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Recipe Reciprocity - Jelly DoughnutsRecipe Reciprocity - Manischewitz Jello ShotsRecipe Reciprocity - Caramel Apple KugelRecipe Reciprocity - Mac and Cheese LatkesRecipe Reciprocity - Mashed Potato Latkes
I know Hanukkah is halfway over, but I couldn’t let it pass without sharing some great recipes from my fellow food bloggers. Here we go. 

1. Contrary to popular belief, Hanukkah actually registers quite low on the Jewish holiday scale. I plan to conveniently ignore this fact because jelly donuts, also known as sufganiyot, are the traditional holiday dessert of choice. You know me, I’ll use any excuse to eat donuts, so I plan to do it up big. This recipe by Pretty Simple Sweet looks like a great one. 
2. I don’t like wine, but I do love me some Manischewitz Blackberry, because it tastes so sweet it might as well be juice. I have a feeling I’d love What Jew Wanna Eat’s Manischewitz Jello Shots too. 
3. Second to latkes, noodle kugel is my favorite Jewish food. If you’ve never had it, it’s best described as a sweet, cinnamony, creamy noodle casserole. Doesn’t that sound divine? I love the original version as is, but if I were to step it up, I’d want to make mine like Parsley, Sage & Sweet’s Caramel Apple Upside-Down version. 
4. I have no business looking at these next two, but I couldn’t help myself: Mac and Cheese Latkes from Overtime Cook. I repeat. Mac and Cheese Latkes (!!!).
5. And Mashed Potato Latkes loaded with sour cream, bacon and cheese by Yin+Yolk. I can think of few things better than this. 

That’ll do it for this Festival of Lights edition of Recipe Reciprocity. Thanks for the great eats, ladies! Happy Hanukkah!

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  1. Bookmarking this! Many of these recipes would be awesome for any Jewish holiday or family get-together.

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