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I’m happy to introduce this new addition to my weekly post routine. I call it “Recipe Reciprocity.” It’s my chance to share some of the inspiring, mouth-watering recipes that get me going, and tip my hat to the ingenious food bloggers behind them. Nice work, ladies!

1. Pumpkin Piesicles. Why didn’t I think of these first? I’ll let the name and picture speak for themselves. Thank you, “Take a Megabite.” Thank you. 
2. A coworker of mine introduced me to “My Utensil Crock” a few months back after its proud owner prepared her a great spread for her bachelorette weekend. I’ve been a regular ever since. If you’re looking for creative ways to cook with healthful foods like quinoa or coconut water, this blog is a great place to start. These butterscotch granola blondies are how I plan to make mine. Not sure it counts. 
3. As is already well-established on this blog of mine, I love donuts of all shapes and sizes. I’ll even love cookies shaped like donuts. These double decker, dark chocolate, mini doughnut sugar cookies from “Bakerella” are no exception to the rule. 
4. I haven’t quite gotten into candy making, but not for lack of trying. I can already see myself try-trying-again with these caramel-wrapped marshmallows from “Not So Humble Pie.” I should probably set my sights lower, but they look too good not to attempt.
5. I’m on a major brussel sprouts kick and am never not craving mac & cheese or bacon, so my heart just about dropped when I spotted this fontina and white cheddar skillet brussels mac from “How Sweet It Is.” Plus I’ll use just about any excuse to bring out my cast-iron skillet, and will definitely be trying this one soon. 

Bonus: If you haven’t already figured it out, you can click on a picture and it will take you straight to where it’s from! I love it when things work out like that.

That’ll do it for this first installment of “Recipe Reciprocity.” Hope you enjoyed it even half as much as I did sharing it. I’m quite proud of my two posts in one day. Let’s see if I can keep it up. 

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  1. I am honored, Yang! Super honored. Thanks so much! Your blog is awesome, as well, and I love the layout and colors. I am looking at a redesign in the next few months, and yours is an inspiration.

    I hope you enjoy the blondies – I am tempted to make a(nother) batch tonight!


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