a sweet take on stress


Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

That quote and this beautiful print by Rock the Custard are just the reminders I need to help put recent stresses into perspective. When I stop and think about it, I realized that as bogged down and overwhelmed as I might feel about planning a wedding, tying up loose ends for our vacation next month, and keeping up with this blog, they’re actually all really awesome and privileged problems to have. I’m truly one of the lucky ones. Sometimes all we need is a new and different outlook, and a pretty framed print about desserts can only help.

I’ll leave it at that. Please know that I’m well aware that I went one whole week without posting a recipe (for shame!), but have very serious plans to make things right on Monday. Until then, I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Brian and I are headed to Bethany Beach with friends. Nothing quite says wedding weight-loss wake-up call like forced public bikini wearing.

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