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Yang & Brian in Barcelona{The view from Gaudi’s Park Güell}

Fantastic company aside (thank you Erin & Joe), Barcelona’s food was by far the best part of our stay there. Prior to our trip, I knew very little about Spanish cuisine, and could count the number of times I’d had tapas on one hand. Since our mini vacation, I now find myself craving their simple, low-key style of eating on a pretty constant basis. Take me back please! 

And even if you can’t, do try to at least take yourself, and give one of the many restaurants that we went to a try. I’m no Barcelona expert, since we were only there a few days, but I have it on pretty good authority that the restaurants I’ve come to love are some of the city’s best. Here’s a quick, er, maybe not so quick, recap. 


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Rachel, Rohini & Yang at Clinton St Bakery
{My friends Rachel, Rohini and me outside Clinton St. Bakery}

Hello! Happy Monday! Oh what a weekend I’ve had. I was in New York visiting with friends and it was mostly all good with the one exception of a several-hours delayed overnight train back to DC. I’m still hurting as a result of it, but am choosing to focus on the positive and the real reasons why I was there: dear friends and delicious food. When you think about it like that, it was quite a successful weekend.

So successful that I thought I’d share a sort-of food diary of all of the things I enjoyed and over-enjoyed with friends on Saturday. I hope it gives you some ideas for your next/first trip to the food capital of the U.S. 


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