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I hope this Tuesday finds you well, friends. Here are some links getting me through the week. 

1. Our house is lacking in many areas, especially when it comes to greenery. I’d love to add some big potted plants throughout the place, and this guide is a great resource. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)
2. It’s been snowing here in Atlanta, and let me tell you, people lose their minds when it happens. This Weekend Update bit from a few years back when Atlanta had that terrible snowstorm is hilarious and spot on. Ah, my new homes. (Hulu)
3. I’ve got the travel itch bad. These 17 reasons to travel more aren’t helping. (Travel+Leisure)
4. I’m dragging Brian to see Zoolander 2 this weekend. He finds the character to be too idiotic, but isn’t that the point? This Vogue 73 Questions video isn’t any smarter. (YouTube)
5. For my birthday, I asked for a new Jawbone Up2 band (in Oat Spectrum). The one I had died, and was also quite a few models older. My new one just came in the mail today and I love it. I know Fitbits are quite a bit more popular, but I’ve always been partial to the style of Jawbone bands, now more than ever. (Jawbone)
6. It’s the Year of the Monkey, but what does your Chinese zodiac sign say about you? Here’s a quick look. (USA Today)
7. A very clever friend of mine started a new company for Power Toothpaste. It’s caffeinated toothpaste. How smart is that? You can learn more about it on their Indiegogo campaign here. (Power Toothpaste)
8. What are you Valentine’s Day plans? Brian and I are going to Waffle House and we couldn’t be more excited about it. He’s lucky I’m a cheap date. (Waffle House)

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Hi there. I’ve been MIA thanks to a quick trip to Florida to visit with Brian’s parents who are there for the rest of the week. I’m back now and boy is this “Hotlanta” thing a big lie. It’s freezing here! Anyway, here are a few links keeping me going.

1. So Anna Faris has a podcast? I had no idea, but now I do. This write-up of her latest episode where she interviewed both Jennifer Lawrence and her Chris Pratt sounds both fun and awkward. Why? Well, if you’re not as celebrity-gossip savvy as me, JLaw and Chris (Anna’s husband) filmed a sex scene together. (Vanity Fair)
2. I follow way too many Instagram accounts as it is, but I’m always looking to add a few more. Here, Emily shares a few of her favorites. (Cupcakes & Cashmere)
3. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, people. Naturally, I need this heart mold cake pan. (Amazon)
4. I’ve decided I must win tomorrow night’s Powerball, even if this article about my terrible chances and a high possibility of a shared pot is a bit of a downer. (Yahoo!)
5. By no means am I an authority on nutrition or dieting (I suck at both), but I do hate it when people blindly count calories (this was a recent topic of conversation). Here’s a good explainer for why. (Refinery29)
6. A new War & Peace tv series is coming to the BBC. I hadn’t heard anything about it until Sunday night’s Golden Globes, and now I can’t wait to see it. (YouTube)
7. So I don’t know why I’m just now getting around to watching Graham Norton celebrity interview clips (here’s one with Eddie Redmayne and Jennifer Lawrence), but better late than never. I just love the British. They do everything better, even late-night tv. (YouTube)
8. It is my life’s goal to be the true “hostess with the mostest.” Here are 15 hosting tips from some of the best of them.  (A Cup of Jo)

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I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my many current distractions. 

1. This design-a-wig tool is the answer to all my problems. (Elle)
2. I love Joy Cho of Oh Joy! and her newest Target product line is no exception. (Oh Joy!)
3. I was already considering a compact fabric steamer, so when Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere included hers on her list of best purchases from the last year, any hesitation I had was settled. God bless, Amazon Prime. (Amazon)
4. Speaking of Emily, I recently ordered her Cupcakes & Cashmere at Home book for both my perusing and coffee-table pleasure and I’m really enjoying it. (Amazon)
5. I didn’t add a better skincare routine to my resolutions for this year, but I probably should have. I’m clueless when it comes to beauty products so this list of the best ones is a good guide. (The Glitter Guide)
6. These 16 healthier recipes for comfort foods look amazing. I need to try that spaghetti squash pad thai asap. (The Kitchn)
7. How to Properly Clean Your Beauty Products. I don’t recognize half of these things, but the tips for the ones I do are quite helpful. (Refinery29)
8. I love anything in a fake sheepskin so this fluffy DIY stool is right up my alley. (A Beautiful Mess)

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Fortune Finds 12.22.15

I hope this Tuesday finds you well. I’m just happy to be blogging two days in a row (progress!). Here are some of my current desires and distractions. 

1. My long-awaited desk arrived last week, and my home office is finally coming together. I’ll have pictures to share soon (think pink, white and gold), but until then, here’s a look at the very cliche/trendy things on every style blogger’s desk, and I’m already guilty of nearly all of them. (Stylecaster)
2. We’ve gone (and by “we,” I really mean “me, myself and I”) with white bedding for three of the four beds in our house. I love a good white bed, so this video on how to make one really hit home for me. (West Elm)
3. If you’re still looking for a last-minute gift idea, consider getting Taste: The Infographic Book of Food. I’ll be gifting myself a copy very soon. (Amazon)
4. Instagram-foll0w recommendation: @drakeoncake by the oh so talented and hilarious Joy of Joy the Baker fame. (Instagram)
5. 9 words (or non-words) that you won’t want to get wrong. I let out a huge sigh of relief when I made my way down the list and found that I’m not guilty of committing any of these verbal faux pas. (Inc.)
6. I got so excited when I found these holiday stovetop simmer recipes and can’t wait to try them out later this week. (A Beautiful Mess)
7. Pumpkin-seed recipes were the most frequently googled recipes of 2015. You can find the full list here, and I’m now craving them all. (My Domaine)
8. Nothing will ever match the awesomeness that was the entire Friends series becoming available on Netflix streaming, but here’s a look at the new releases anyway. (Refinery29)

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Fortune Finds 10.06.15
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s some of the stuff keeping me good and distracted. I thought it a better use of my time late last night to put this list together than to practice for the big panel I’m moderating today. Priorities. 

1. Brian and I are still working out the division of labor in the house, but dishwashing is something we established very early on. I swear he does a bad job on purpose, because it’s left me no choice but to be the dishwasher in our family. Good thing there are some supposed health benefits, too. Something about soap studs. (Real Simple)
2. Speaking of soap, I picked up this hand soap and lotion duo from Anthropologie for our powder room. I love it. (Anthropologie)
3. Emily Henderson, the queen of room furnishings, shared a look at her newly styled basement guestroom and a really impressive job of dying her bed a new color. Personally, I prefer the look of her old room, but I’m always really impressed by her styling talents. (Emily Henderson)
4. Bravo’s Ladies of London is my favorite guilty pleasure. Basically, I want to be Caroline Stanbury, and it appears I’m not alone. (BuzzFeed)
5. Caroline would not approve of IKEA furniture, but maybe even she would appreciate these few times IKEA looked deceptively unlike IKEA. (My Domaine)
6. Have you had Talenti gelato? I’m a huge fan, and an even bigger fan now that I’ve discovered their Caramel Apple Pie flavor. It has all the stuff you’d expect (caramel and apples), but, get this, there are bits of flaky pie crust too! I can’t handle this. (Talenti)
7. Chefs share their tips for great pasta. This is one of the best, most helpful, most eye-opening things I’ve ever read. Seriously. (Epicurious)
8. An explanation for why Hollywood did so much breaking up this past summer. I’m also still hoping Ben and Jen get back together. For the kids, you know? (New York Times)

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I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of the things I have on my mind. 

1. We just came back from a great weekend in Naples, Florida and I really want more. If you’re in a similar boat, here’s a list of fall getaways that won’t break the bank. But what is the bank is already broken? #housepoor (Refinery29)
2. Ugh. If you haven’t already heard, you’re never gonna believe who Nick Jonas is supposedly dating. I find the whole thing very disturbing. (Bustle)
3. 11 beautifully converted attics. We have an attic, and if we can, I’d love to do something with it, but I’m afraid to even take a look because the home inspection said something about there once being rodents. No thank you. (Domino)
4. The art of charcuterie. What a beautiful and delicious art it is. (A House in the Hills)
5. I’m getting back to my old exercise routine and thought I’d share a link to Classpass for anyone who hasn’t heard of it. It’s pretty much changed my life and I love that Atlanta is one of the much more affordable cities. (Classpass)
6. Fun sweatshirts are my favorite thing to wear this time of year. This one in light grey and leopard print was an instant favorite. (Gap)
7. I’m now rereading Book 7 of the Harry Potter series and find these “Harry Shotters” drink recipes to be pretty brilliant. I’ll stick with butterbeer, but these sure are funny. (Pixable)
8. After what seemed like a really lame summer of lackluster blockbusters, I’m getting really excited for the upcoming awards season and the many great movies in store. This list is a pretty great primer of all the good-movie buzz. I can’t wait! Brian and I still need to watch Inside Out. (BuzzFeed)

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