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I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of the fun things keeping me good and distracted. 

1. Pumpkin-spice season is here! Here’s a roundup of all kinds of pumpkin-spice goodness thanks to the good people at BuzzFeed. One of the pictures might even look familiar to you. (BuzzFeed)
2. Iconic quotes framed as art. My heart skips a beat every time I see or hear the words “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” I might need to pick up that frame for a room in our house. Too bad we’re nowhere close to decorating the walls with whole rooms still entirely empty. (Domaine Home)
3. After obsessing/still obsessing over Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams video, Rohini and I made it a priority to watch The Longest Ridestarring the one and only Scott Eastwood, when she was here over the weekend. The movie did not disappoint. Thank goodness for Nicholas Sparks. (YouTube)
4. Rohini and I did a little shopping this weekend, as we always do. I tend to wear very neutral plain colors in the fall, so picking up this sweater was a big deal for me. (Ann Taylor)
5. I never wear lipstick, but Emily’s latest post is warming me up to the idea. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)
6. Have you heard Ryan Adams’s cover of the entire 1989 album? People seem to be all about it, but I can’t really get behind it. I guess I’m too much of a Taylor traditionalist. (Spotify)
7. The trailer for the new Fox comedy The Grinder is the best one I’ve seen this season. It helps that I’ve been in love with Rob Lowe since I first saw him in the role of Sodapop Curtis in The Outsiders movie. Basically, I’ve loved him forever. (Fox)
8. Curious how tall the presidential candidates are? All of your questions answered in this infographic, plus the heights of all the presidents too! Fun stuff – except there’s no way Donald Trump and Jeb Bush are both 6’3″. Jeb looks a good two inches taller than Trump. (Washington Post)

One more thing! – Since I’m having so much fun blogging again, I’m feeling ambitious and will be adding a second post to our normally scheduled Tuesday programming. Check back this again this afternoon for more :). 

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Fortune Finds 091515
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s some of what I’m fancying myself.

1. Always a fan of Buzzfeed quizzes, this one on Who Said It? Donald Trump or Lucille Bluth (I admire them both) is surprisingly hard and a new favorite. (BuzzFeed)
2. Also worth watching ICYMI is Jimmy Fallon’s interview and rehearsal room bit with the Donald himself. (YouTube)
3. It’s a good time for late-night tv, which bodes well for a night owl such as myself. (Vanity Fair)
4. A writer/filmmaker perfectly articulates why he got bored with the DC dating scene, and explains why he’s so much happier dating in New York. This, of course is just one man’s opinion, but it’s a well-written one. For obvious reasons, I had a more successful time dating in DC than I ever did in New York. (Washington Post)
5. After about 10 days of living in the house without a refrigerator, Brian and I finally pulled the trigger and welcomed our new french-door counter-depth fridge last Tuesday. Since it’s counter-depth, we have a little less storage space so organization will be key. Here’s a good start. (Samsung)
6. Now that Brian and I have a real kitchen and all of these great wedding gifts, we’ve really been enjoying cooking meals for two. This Newlywed Cookbook has been especially helpful and inspiring. (Amazon)
7. Brian and I can’t wait to start hosting out-of-town guests soon. Until then, I’m going to brush up on Emily’s tips to help them feel their most welcome. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)
8. With this house, my spending priorities have changed. First on my list is furniture, followed closely by pajamas. I’m a change-straight-into-my-pjs-when-I-walk-through-the-door kind of gal and am really digging this particular nightshirt. (One Kings Lane)

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Fortune Finds62
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my many current distractions. 

1. This time of year is when I start obsessing about not getting tan and wearing sunscreen, but I also hate the greasiness and smell of sunscreen. Here are some great options for similarly torn people. (Glamour)
2. How to eat healthy meals at restaurants. It’s something I still struggle with. (New York Times)
3. I don’t love overly sappy cards with pre-written messages. I’m all about the blank, simple ones that I can write in myself. These cards designed by a cancer survivor with direct, honest messages that she wishes she’d received from friends and family, I can appreciate. (Slate)
4. Why are you still washing your clothes in warm water? (io9)
5. Test your major cities’ skyline knowledge. I scored a 14/16. (Washington Post)
6. This video of an engaged couple seeing themselves transformed by makeup artists from their 20s to their 90s, had me in tears. (Next Avenue)
7. It’s pie season! Here’s the only formula you need to make fruit-pie filling. (Bon Appetit)
8. Read this one for yourself. (Mic.)

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Fortune Finds 90
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are just some of my many current distractions. 

1. I follow most of the “it” girls on Instagram, and one thing I’ve learned is that they’re all either friends or frenemies, and it’s all quite fascinating. Turns out, I’m not the only one and here’s a handy dandy Celebrity Friend Guide to help you keep everything straight. (Refinery29)
2. You know how I love my matcha, so you can imagine my excitement when both Mashable and the Huffington Post included my Green Tea Sugar Cookies in their roundups of great matcha desserts. I can’t wait to try out the others and am so happy this matcha mania is finally going mainstream. 
3. One of my silly mottos is “New city, new keychain.” It’s a fun and easy change to mark a special occasion. Well, after a few weeks of searching, I finally found the one and my new white (to match my car!) tassel keychain is on its way to me. (Banana Republic)
4. Also new, my Hello Kitty license plate frame! I love it so much, but am still waiting for my actual plate to come in, so Hello Kitty will have to wait a little while longer. Brian was so disappointed when I purchased it, because he insists that I’m an adult with an adult car, but I’ve got to be true to me, you know? Plus it’s definitely the most subtle of the options. And besides, if he can have Cleveland Browns on his car (let’s be real – a team that’s far from serious), surely I can have Hello Kitty on mine. (Amazon)
5. Well it’s official, Hillary Clinton is running for President. There are a lot of candidate profiles out there, but this one is my favorite. (The Onion)
6. In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s HRC’s announcement video. I love it and have rewatched it more times than I’d like to admit. The vignettes at the top are so nice and really make me proud to be an American. (YouTube)
7. All of that said, I’m not a fan of her campaign logo, and professional designers seem to be feel the same way. (Vox)
8. Speaking of H logos, I’ve been on Brian’s case to read the Harry Potter books. Can you believe the poor guy hasn’t read them? Tragic. Anyway, reading the series is now a prerequisite for marriage, and because I can’t let him be the only one having all the fun, I’m rereading the books too! After Gryffindor, I always thought I’d be in Ravenclaw, but according to this quiz, I’m more Hufflepuff! I don’t want to believe it, but you know how scientific these quizzes are. (BuzzFeed)

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Fortune Finds89
I hope this Tuesday (er, it was still Tuesday when I first started typing this?) finds you well. I’m tardy yet again, but in my defense (I always have an excuse), I’m in Chicago until Wednesday afternoon on my first work trip for the new job. Anyway, here are some of my current desires and distractions. 

1. 10 Habits of People Who Love to Work Out. I am not one of those people, but I’d sure like to try. (Huffington Post)
2. How to Clean Everything. Great timing considering I need to get my apartment in move-out shape. (Domaine Home)
3. I have but two full days left as a DC resident. Most of my time will be spent packing up my place of 5 years, but if I can swing it, I’m going to try and do some final sightseeing before I go. This one-day DC itinerary serves as a good guide. (Lonely Planet)
4. I suffer from baby fever always. How cute is this make-your-own picture book! So smart for teaching babies the faces and names of members of the family. (Pinhole Press)
5. VH1’s Barely Famous is my newest TV obsession. It’s a mockumentary-style reality TV show starring sisters Sara and Erin Foster, daughters to David Foster. David is married to Yolanda Foster of RHOBH fame and is also ex-husband to Linda Thompson. Linda is ex-wife to Bruce Jenner and mother to Brody Jenner. Brody is half-brother to Kendall Jenner, who is half-sister to Kim Kardashian. And anyway you get the picture. Reality TV is a family business for the Foster Sisters and their show is really funny and worth checking out. The only part I don’t love is that it’s brand new so I can’t binge watch like I want to. Here, the Foster sisters did a fun interview that gives you a sense of who they are. (Refinery29)
6. I’ve just been getting into Pure Barre. I like it a lot, but don’t l0ve the limited sock options. These sparkly nude grip socks I love and can’t wait to put them to work. (Amazon)
7. Very excited about this Make-Your-Own-Photo-Candle tutorial on A Beautiful Mess. I love everything they do, but most of the tutorials I’m not quite patient or crafty enough for. Since I already have an embossing gun, this one I can actually do! (A Beautiful Mess)
8. I love a good infographic, even better when it’s about food. Here’s an illustrated guide to onions. And now you know. (Illustrated Bites)

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Fortune Finds88
I hope this Tuesday finds you well here. Here’s some of what’s been on my mind these days. 

1. In case there was any doubt, Michelle Obama wins for coolest First Lady ever. And gosh how I love that Uptown Funk.(YouTube)
2. Job hunting is pretty horrible and I’m very relieved to not have to do it for a while. For those of you who haven’t quite found the right opportunity just yet, here are 5 websites worth checking out. (The Everygirl)
3. A plug for my new work! Plenty of great job, promotion and general girl-power goodness to check out. (Womenetics)
4. This seems like such a weird thing to say, but one of the biggest adjustments I’m making in the new job is figuring out email. I feel like such an old fart saying that, but it’s true. Bloomberg has its own system, so now I have to get reacquainted with Microsoft Outlook. These tips are a big help with the learning curve. (Lifehacker)
5. Before I can move to Atlanta I need to sell some of my furniture on Craigslist. So fun, right? Not at all, but these pro tips on how to buy and sell make me feel a little better about the whole thing. (Apartment Therapy)
6. 12 Food Styling Secrets to Learn from the Pros. Taking a bite out of your food is my favorite of the tips. I’ve got that one down. (Domaine Home)
7. This is great. Click on any part of the model’s body and the handy dandy Exercise Finder generates the best exercises for each target area. (Divine)
8. New job, new wardrobe? I’d sure like to try. I’m such a sucker for peter-pan collars and anything in nude. This top is a winner. (Ann Taylor)

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