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080815BYW35{Photography by the one and only Kayla of Full Bloom Photography}

For the next several Wednesdays, I’ll be rolling out pictures from different parts of our wedding day, and another honeymoon video too. If weddings aren’t your thing, consider this fair warning. If you are a fan (because who doesn’t love a wedding, really?), you’re in luck as today’s post starts with the very beginning when a girl and her friends, and a guy and his, decided to get dressed for a wedding. I’m gonna keep this one short and let the beautiful pictures by the talented Kayla speak for themselves. 


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Slumber party with Megan
I’m taking a recipe breather today, but that’s not to say I don’t have a busy weekend ahead of me. After a half day at the office, I’m taking the train up to Connecticut to visit with my dear friend Megan. Sure I expect us to get some quality slumber-party time in like we did in the picture above, but we’ve got quite the to-do list planned for ourselves. In addition to painting, wedding invitation designing, and bridesmaid dress shopping, Megan and I are giving Pure Barre a try. #sweatingforthewedding, you know? We’ll have a lot going on, but it’s the kind of busy I live for and I can’t wait to get right to it with my dearest friend. 

Wishing you a similarly fulfilling weekend. Have a great one!

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2012 Turkey
{Last year’s turkey prepared by my talented brother – Photo credit to him too}

Spending today away from my family has only made me more thankful and proud that I get to claim them as mine. You know how everyone says their parents are the best? Well, Ruilin Yang and Meng Su actually are. I could share all of the reasons why, but because I don’t want you to begin resenting yours, I’ll just leave it at that. My brother’s not so bad either.

Other things I’m thankful for:

+ My boyfriend. We’re each other’s biggest fans and favorite dance partners. 

+ My friends. Duh. The laughter and emoji conversations don’t happen on their own. Thanks to my dear ladyloves. You know who you are.

+ Loving memories of my Nainai. It’s been exactly one month since she passed away. Slowly but surely feelings of sadness are being crowded out by those of pride in her incredible legacy.

+ My job. We had an unfortunate round of layoffs last week, and there could be more on the horizon. In these uncertain times, I recognize how blessed I am to do what I do for a living alongside some really great people. 

+ School. As much as I take it for granted, I’m really thankful for the opportunity, and the wonderful tuition-reimbursement policy that makes it all possible. 

+ My metabolism. It’s certainly not what it used to be, but I recognize that I haven’t been easy on it either. So to my metabolism I’d like to say: Thanks for doing more than your fair share. You’ll be working overtime this weekend.

+ This blog. It may just be a silly time-consuming hobby of mine, but I do so appreciate you stopping by and joining me for the ride. Thank you!

On that note, I hope you have yourself the happiest of Thanksgivings. Rohini, Kate and I will be celebrating ours over a highly-anticipated meal at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers in Georgetown, followed by a screening of Catching Fire. Rohini and I caught the first Hunger Games movie at midnight, so tonight’s viewing a week past the release date is well overdue.

Happy Thanksgiving! Xoxo. 

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Rachel, Rohini & Yang at Clinton St Bakery
{My friends Rachel, Rohini and me outside Clinton St. Bakery}

Hello! Happy Monday! Oh what a weekend I’ve had. I was in New York visiting with friends and it was mostly all good with the one exception of a several-hours delayed overnight train back to DC. I’m still hurting as a result of it, but am choosing to focus on the positive and the real reasons why I was there: dear friends and delicious food. When you think about it like that, it was quite a successful weekend.

So successful that I thought I’d share a sort-of food diary of all of the things I enjoyed and over-enjoyed with friends on Saturday. I hope it gives you some ideas for your next/first trip to the food capital of the U.S. 


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Pic Me Up - Bethany

This week’s pic me up features snapshots from our weekend on Bethany Beach. The weather wasn’t the best, but the food (oh, that Grotto’s pizza) and company (oh, the board games) more than made up for it.

Happy Hump Day!

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Pic Me Up - DC Weekend

Is it really only Wednesday? This week is moving at a snail’s pace, something I’m sure I’ll wish I hadn’t complained about once we’re hit with fall, but let’s live in the now.

The real reason for my discontent is that it feels like forever ago since my dearest friend Rohini came to visit, and I miss her. We had ourselves a nice, relaxing weekend doing what we do best (i.e. shopping and eating). We even outdid ourselves by fitting in a showing of Book of Mormon. It was a great time and I want more, but until the next reunion here are some snapshots keeping me going. 

Have yourself a happy hump day. 

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