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Fried Sundried Tomato Goat Cheese with Salad

Frydays need to get healthier around here. But, you know, in our own time. That means we’re taking baby steps, which really means we’re just putting what we fry on top of a salad and calling it “better for you.” So think of these as nothing more than giant, warm, gooey, crunchy sundried-tomato-goat-cheese croutons. Are they better for your waistline? Probably not. Better for the general enjoyment of your life? Most definitely.

Happy Fryday.


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Tomato-Fried Egg

On this first Fryday of the New Year, I’m sharing a recipe for 西红柿炒鸡蛋, aka, tomato-fried rice, a dish very near and dear to me and my Chinese heart. It’s a childhood favorite, and knowing how much I love it, my mom always has this waiting for me when I come home from the airport. Bless her soul. 

I had the pleasure of enjoying this three different times in my blissful 12 days at home, and on the third and final time had the foresight to snap some pictures and learn how to make it myself. It’s about as traditional and easy as Chinese home cooking gets, so I hope you work up the courage to give it a try yourself. It probably won’t have that same made-with-love-by-mom taste, but if you follow these instructions, you ought to come close. 

Thanks for the lesson, Mom, and for everything else. 


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Fried Pasta Chips | Fortune Goodies

I realize frying food sits very low on your list of priorities right now, but hear me out. These fried pasta chips are way healthier than our usual Fryday fare, and they’re so stupidly easy to make that you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to give them a try. And since I know your holiday entertaining duties are far from over, let’s just cut through the should-I-shouldn’t-I and get started. Shall we? 


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Fried Cinnamon-Sugar Biscuits

When holiday potluck number 5 rolled around, I was hurting. Having a food blog comes with certain expectations that one feels pressured to meet. Add to that final exams and a wacky work schedule, and I found myself making cupcakes at 2am one night and baking cookies at 6am the next morning. I was on an unsustainable path.

Luckily, I have no qualms about getting a little help from the Pillsbury Doughboy from time to time, and these halfway-homemade fried cinnamon-sugar biscuits with a cream-cheese sauce came to the rescue. 


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Fried Olives

Happy Friday! How are you? I’m exhausted, but in a good way.

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the White House press holiday party, where I met the President and First Lady, but for less than 45 seconds. Still, I’d been so nervous about the whole thing that I’m now emotionally spent and will be making today’s Fryday post a short one. Pictures from my stunt at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to come sometime next week.

To the matter at hand. Are you a fan of olives? If so, you’ll want to try them fried too. They’re everything you love about a juicy olive wrapped in a mix of panko bread crumbs and cheese on the outside, and zesty cream cheese on the inside. What more could you need? Take a look and give them a try please. 


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Fried Cinnamon Apple Rings | fortune goodies

My love for frying food is alive and well. Thanks in large part to these fried cinnamon apple rings. I can’t say enough good things about them, but all you need to know is they’re easy on the eyes and tongue. Think of them as mini apple pies in the form of onion rings. Now think about yourself enjoying one. Why stop there? Go for it and try making a batch of your own. 


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