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Baked Fries | Fortune Goodies

It’s Fryday. And these are My-Heart-Needed-a-Break-from-Frying Fries. 

Also known as baked fries, they’re as delicious as they are easy. And if you’re looking for my honest opinion, you’re in luck. These better-for-you baked fries might are as good as the fatty, fried ones we all know and love. But that’s just me. Bonus: you got my humble opinion too.*

No, but really, you should always listen to me and make these (*ok, maybe not).


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Fried Jalapeño Poppers | Fortune Goodies

Fridays were meant for frying. Of that I am sure.

If you have yet to give this frying a try, here’s your chance in the form of cheesy jalapeño poppers. Take it. They’re delicious, but don’t just take my word for it, my dozen taste-testers at work agree, and have already asked for the next batch.

This time of year is when I usually throw myself into some new hobby. Frying is the answer. Knitting would have been a healthier choice.

Oh well. Cheers to Fryday! Recipe after the jump. 


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Fried Pickles | Fortune Goodies

You guys, I’ve been looking forward to this day all week.

Finally, I can share with you this great recipe for fried pickles. Finally, I’ve made something with Frank’s Red Hot, even if just a little. Finally, I can tell you about my childhood habit of sneaking dill pickles at midnight. Finally, it’s Fryday, the best day of the week.

You’ll see what I mean.


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Best Fried Rice | Fortune Goodies

I couldn’t in good conscience post about a Jewish delicacy (coconut macaroons) on one day and not follow it up with a post on Chinese food, so here I am restoring some balance in the world. 

This week’s Fryday post was made possible by my mother, in more ways than one. Because not only is this best-ever fried rice recipe hers, but we made this together when I was home last weekend, and I wouldn’t be here (or anywhere) typing this out if not for her either. So thanks, Ma (谢谢妈妈)!  I hope I do you proud. 


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Risotto Balls aka Arancini | Fortune Goodies

Happy Friday! or Fryday as we like to call it around these parts.

Today is a good day, because not only do Brian and I fly home tonight (my home), but I’m also sharing this recipe for fried risotto balls, aka arancini, aka incredible. A special shout-out to my also incredible sis Kate for making these with me. Thanks, sis!

Kate and I are big fans of risotto balls. We get them on a too-regular basis at Taylor Gourmet, our favorite DC-hoagie joint. Our coworkers are no strangers to the place either, so when it came time to prepare a little something (and I prepared many things, I’ll share more later) for a coworker’s work bridal shower, I knew I had to give homemade risotto balls a try. And boy, am I happy I did. 


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Churros to cherish

It is with great pleasure that I bring you the first in a series of weekly posts entitled Fryday. Get it? Because everything is better fried and we owe it to ourselves after a long week. TGIF. 

And oh what a week I’ve had, but I don’t need to bother you with that. Just know that I went to Orlando. in August. for work. and didn’t go to Disney World. 

I’m happy to be back and happy to have these churros waiting for me at home.


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