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Happy hump day, friends! Today’s pic-me-up comes in the form of moving pictures with yet another home video. This time starring our white Christmas in the Colorado mountains with my family.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be converting to Judaism later this year after I complete my conversion studies. As it goes, Christmas (or Xmas) no longer holds any religious meaning for me (and hasn’t for a while if I’m going to be honest). All that aside, the holiday is still something I really look forward to, because it means I get to spend time with my family, my childhood friends, and I’m never one to pass up a gift-giving opportunity. Brian’s been a great sport through all of this, and much as he insists that he’d still prefer to sit in solitude on December 25th, because “that’s just what Jews do,” I’d like to think that he’s been enjoying this new tradition of living the good life in the Colorado Rockies. And as you’ll see, he still found plenty of opportunities to stay true to his heritage. I’d also like some credit for my song choice, the aptly titled “Unbelievers” by Vampire Weekend. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show. Two things of note: (1) we went skiing (Brian’s first time, my first in about 15 years) and (2) we took our new GoPro out for a spin (awesome wedding gift). I have so much fun making these little videos that I don’t think I could ever tire of them. I hope you feel the same way (more videos for your viewing pleasure here). Enjoy!

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I originally intended to post this video yesterday, but some security measures kicked in preventing me from logging on. I guess I’m not the only one trying to blog over here more. Hackers, gotta love them. Anyway, Brian and I are now happily at home in Colorado with my parents and brother, and are headed up to the mountains where we’ll be spending the next few days. 

In the spirit of the holidays and time with family, here’s a look at when mine came to visit us in Atlanta. The video offers a few glimpses of our house as well if you’d like to take a look. Let me just say it’s still a work in progress, so please be kind with your judgment.

Logging off for the rest of this week. Wishing you and yours a wonderful next few days no matter if you celebrate with Christmas ham or Chinese takeout. 

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend regardless of whether you actually celebrate the holiday. Brian certainly doesn’t, but as you’ll see from this little home video, he and everyone else in my family had a really great time. You’ll notice the absence of skis in our otherwise classic Colorado wintertime video. We had to hit the slopes via snow tube because Brian hurt his foot and skiing was out of the question. We’ll give it another try next winter. Until then, I hope you like what you see, and if you, like most Americans, didn’t have a white Christmas this year, the snow in this video should help make up for it. 

Music: “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

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The London Apartments Atlanta
For Brian starting in January, anyway (I’ll still be stuck in my 400-some-square-foot Dupont Circle apartment for the foreseeable future), but still, I’m excited! So let’s take a quick tour, shall we?

All pictures courtesy The London Luxury Apartment Homes website, because my iPhone 4 crapped out on me. The good news is I’m now the proud owner of beautiful new iPhone 6 and Brian and I are now on our own family plan. New apartment, new phone, new carrier, quite the weekend. 


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