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Pimento Cheese Fritters

These days, I get a lot of questions about newlywed life, usually some variant of “Does it feel any different now that you’re married?” The short answer is “not really,” Brian and I had a happy and great relationship before and that part hasn’t changed. But if I’m going to be perfectly honest, there has in fact been a huge improvement in my life post-wedding, because I’m now back to enjoying some of my favorite foods. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

Case in point: pimento cheese. Every day after work, without fail, I change into my pajamas and make myself a little snack of pimento cheese and goldfish crackers. We get the Palmetto-brand tubs from Costco on an almost weekly basis. This habit/addiction is not something I’m proud of, but I really really love it and find it so comforting after a long day at work. So, rather than curb my consumption, I thought I’d try my hand at Pimento Cheese Fritters. Because if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Or something like that. 


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Jalapeno Popper Wontons

When Monica and I met the other night, we traded insights on blogging and she told me she appreciated that I don’t shy away from posting the really good stuff that’s also really not good for you (e.g., fried food). She’s absolutely right. There’s very little in the way of kale and quinoa on this blog, although I do hope to change that. In the meantime, this post is one of those no-holds-barred recipes that makes me me, and makes Fryday the best day of the week. 

The idea for Jalapeño Popper Wontons came to me as I was enjoying these Strawberry Banana Nutella Wontons. I loved the fried dessert wontons so much that with the last bite I was already onto the next idea. I wanted to make something savory, a tad spicy and plenty cheesy. Naturally, I came up with these, and successfully paid homage to my favorite Jalapeño Popper recipe. 


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Fried Jalapeño Poppers | Fortune Goodies

Fridays were meant for frying. Of that I am sure.

If you have yet to give this frying a try, here’s your chance in the form of cheesy jalapeño poppers. Take it. They’re delicious, but don’t just take my word for it, my dozen taste-testers at work agree, and have already asked for the next batch.

This time of year is when I usually throw myself into some new hobby. Frying is the answer. Knitting would have been a healthier choice.

Oh well. Cheers to Fryday! Recipe after the jump. 


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