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Keep Calm Because I'm Back
So, uh, remember me? I’m here today trying to resurrect this blog for the umpteenth time, because as much as it may look like I’ve given up on this thing, I really do miss it and love it and want to give it another go. You can probably guess that blogging ranks very high on my list of 2016 resolutions (I can’t believe we’re just days away from the new year), so this is me hoping for a head start. 

Much better and lengthier updates to come, but very quickly: home ownership is no joke, work has been a whirlwind, eight months later and it finally feels like we’re starting to get familiar with our new city, and I think I’m finally removed enough from our wedding to start attempting the act of making a photo album. Oh and I’ve gained 15 pounds since saying “I do,” so the next D-word I need to start learning ends in -iet (resolution #1). This should all bode very well for me as I start up my food blog again. Wish me luck and I hope to see you back here tomorrow! 

P.S. My sincere apologies to anyone I’ve disappointed these past many weeks (too many). I wouldn’t dare think myself important enough to hold your interest or deserve your loyalty, but if you did happen upon this dormant little corner of the internet only to be let down by my failure to keep this thing running, I’m so very sorry. I hope to make it up to you and me both. Blogging is too fun not to try and I so appreciate you stopping in to check on me. xoxo – Yang

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Wedding Photo{Brian and me on our wedding day}

Man oh man. Where do I even begin? It’s been far too long since my last post, and it just so happens that my big hiatus spanned what will probably go down as one of the busiest, craziest, most momentous times in my life. Trying to fill you in and make up for all of that lost time seems quite impractical, but to cover the basics, let’s do it with a list:

  • Once again, Brian and I had a whirlwind summer of travel (all the usual places) nearly every weekend. It was amazing and I’m not complaining, but we’re very ready to stay put for a little while and explore what our new home of Atlanta has to offer. In the five months that we’ve been here I’ve done zero sightseeing and it’s time to fix that.
  • Days before our wedding, Brian and I found the first house of our dreams, made an offer, entered a bidding war, and won! The timing wasn’t the best, but we’ve survived to tell the story.
  • Cleveland was at its finest August 8th weekend. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or company to celebrate our marriage. I’ll spare you for now, but have many wedding pictures and related posts to share in the coming weeks. 
  • Immediately following the wedding, Brian and I ran off to Italy and Paris for our honeymoon. We started in Positano, before going to Rome, Florence and Paris with a few other day trips sprinkled throughout. Any weight loss achieved pre-wedding was quickly erased and then some. Pizza and I have a love-hate relationship. I’m sure you can figure out both why I love it and hate it. Honeymoon home videos are in the works, because you know what a sucker I am for making those. 
  • Five days after our return, we closed on our house and moved in that weekend. Again, crazy. 
  • We are now officially house poor, and look like squatters with a big house that’s laughably empty. We’re also so very happy and I wouldn’t trade this for anything. Plenty of pictures and home projects to come.
  • And just yesterday, this blog’s Facebook page hit the 1,000-likes milestone. So for that reason and all of the ones above, today felt like a very good day to get back in the game.

Thank you to all of you for reading and for your support. I don’t take it for granted and mean it when I say that you can expect to see a lot more of me from now on. I mean, now that I have a kitchen with two ovens, all kinds of shiny new baking tools, more storage and counter space than I know what to do with, a fryer, AND the white Vitamix of my dreams, I’ve got no excuse not to get baking and making. Stay tuned!

P.S. To those of you who came to the wedding, we are sooooo pathetically behind on thank you notes. We are working on it and don’t think for a second we aren’t grateful. Bad at time management, yes. 

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