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New Life in Georgia
Well, it’s official. I now live in Atlanta. A year and a half ago, I never would have guessed it, and yet now I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be. Life is full of fun surprises like that.

Brian and I are still pretty exhausted from the move. Two goodbye parties, packing and cleaning 5 years of DC living, 10+ hours of driving a bigger-than-we-asked-for 16-foot moving truck, unpacking (still not quite finished with that) and jumping right into a new job the next day will really take it out of you. As such, I feel like I haven’t quite had the chance to process all of this, so a more thoughtful post will have to wait for another date. For now, here’s a little picture of the kind gesture I was greeted with in my new office yesterday.

I may be too tired to think straight, but I do know Brian and I will be very happy in this new city we now call home. Here’s to new beginnings, new adventures and counting our blessings that we’re healthy and able to pursue them. 

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Text from DadNo Fryday food post for you to today, but I do still have something fried to share: Me. 

It’s been one heck of a week of overwhelming work and untimely undertheweatherness. The former had to do with my first-ever live hits on Capitol Hill away from the comfort of my best friend the teleprompter. That’s what my Dad’s kind text is about. Despite the initial trauma and the embarrassing amount of stumbling and “um”ing, I’m happy and relieved to have gotten that first in-the-field experience out of the way and behind me. It wasn’t great, but it’ll do.

And about the last part of that text… after living in DC for four years and counting, I still can’t bring myself to give up my Colorado driver’s license. It expired on my birthday and my parents had to send me a new one. Dad was happy to learn the answer to his question was yes. 

I hope you have a merry weekend. Mine will be consumed by a 9-hour Saturday class followed by more schoolwork, but I still plan to get some rest and make the most of it. Have a great one!

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In an uncharacteristic move, I’ve decided to give myself the day off from blogging on this Friday, or Fryday as they’re known around these parts.

You see, I had hoped to share a Barcelona food diary of sorts, but I let school, work and mild jet lag get the better of me, and I ran out of time. Sure, I could have powered through late into the night (as I often do) to crank something out in time, but in the end, decided the quality of such a post would be much better served with a good night’s sleep. And sleep is what I did. No regrets here. So please check back on Monday for that Barcelona food guide of mine. I hope to have my act together by then. 

In the meantime, I wish you have a fabulous, fun-filled weekend. I’ll be spending mine with my parents and brother in New York city. You can bet there will be lots of Chinese food. Have a great one!

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