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Bonjour, mes amis! I’m finally able to share the second and final video from our Italy-Paris honeymoon from back in August (August! – doesn’t that feel like a lifetime ago?).

Anyway, this was my third trip to Paris, Brian’s second, but our first time there together. It will certainly not be the last. While the focus of our honeymoon was Italy (10 nights, versus the finally 3 in Paris), the City of Love sure did upstage things. We’d both done all the main tourist attractions before, and yet the beauty, culture and all of the feels left us feeling like we could never get enough. This planet of ours is a big one with a lot of worthy places to visit, but if you told me I had to limit my travels to Paris and only Paris for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t be mad.

This video captures some of the highlights from our too-quick visit, including our first-and-also-not-last visit to Disneyland Paris (the Ratatouille ride is amazing and Brian talked about it for days). Would it be terribly American and uncultured of me to say that that was our favorite part? Because it kinda was. I have no idea when we’ll make our way back there, so until we do, this guy will have to tide us over. 

Music: “Paris” by Magic Man

Check our Honeymoon Part 1: Italy if you haven’t already. 

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Happy hump day, friends! Today’s pic-me-up comes in the form of moving pictures with yet another home video. This time starring our white Christmas in the Colorado mountains with my family.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be converting to Judaism later this year after I complete my conversion studies. As it goes, Christmas (or Xmas) no longer holds any religious meaning for me (and hasn’t for a while if I’m going to be honest). All that aside, the holiday is still something I really look forward to, because it means I get to spend time with my family, my childhood friends, and I’m never one to pass up a gift-giving opportunity. Brian’s been a great sport through all of this, and much as he insists that he’d still prefer to sit in solitude on December 25th, because “that’s just what Jews do,” I’d like to think that he’s been enjoying this new tradition of living the good life in the Colorado Rockies. And as you’ll see, he still found plenty of opportunities to stay true to his heritage. I’d also like some credit for my song choice, the aptly titled “Unbelievers” by Vampire Weekend. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show. Two things of note: (1) we went skiing (Brian’s first time, my first in about 15 years) and (2) we took our new GoPro out for a spin (awesome wedding gift). I have so much fun making these little videos that I don’t think I could ever tire of them. I hope you feel the same way (more videos for your viewing pleasure here). Enjoy!

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Pic Me Up - Atlanta April
Any chance I had of posting things on time went out the window when a mountain of projects and a day-trip to New York were added to my schedule. New York was great (try the Grand Central Oyster Bar if you like seafood). In a nutshell, loving Atlanta life (especially the pizza at Antico’s) and can’t wait to experience the rest this city has to offer!

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Pic Me Up - 4.1.15
Doing things slightly out of order this week with a look back at some of the more eventful moments of the last several days. I definitely already miss the amazing DC friends we’ve come to know and love, but I have the utmost confidence that we’ll all keep in touch and that Brian and I will have lots of visitors in the years to come. I see many trips to the Coke museum in our future.  

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Pic Me Up - Last days in DC
Here are a few pictures from the the last week. In that time, I’ve been in Colorado, DC, Chicago, and now I’m back in DC for my last two nights before Brian and I move me out on Saturday. So many people to see, so much still to pack, so totally clueless about how I’m going to do it all. Gulp!

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My Precious Car
Not even three days in and any ambitions I had for making this week an on-time blogging week have flown completely out the window. Still, I’m cutting myself a little bit of slack since I tried to take in as much quality time with my parents while at home (heading back to DC today, sniff) and tried to get adjusted to the new job. So before I run off to catch a plane, I thought I’d share a picture of my new favorite mode of transportation – my dear Honda CR-V! Friends of mine know that I’ve fantasized about owning this car for years. I love it so much that I’m fairly confident that I would still opt for this car if I won the lottery. It’s that perfect to me and I’m just that crazy. And then I remember that two of our friends recently bought CR-Vs of their own and I find comfort that we can all be CR-V fanatics together. God bless my precious car and please keep it safe from dings. 

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