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Pic Me Up - Naples
A few photos from our weekend trip to Naples, Florida with a couple from a recent work shoot tacked on at the end for good measure. Naples was a lovely time with friends and we enjoyed some of the best seafood I’ve ever had. If you’re ever in the area, I recommend the scallop entree and calamari and shrimp martini appetizers at USS Nemo, and the Sea Harvest and sunset views at The Turtle Club. Sea Salt on 3rd Street serves a really great palette of exotic sea salts (things like kimchi, truffle and chili) with tasty bread and olive oil, but the bar service left something to be desired. All in all, a fabulous, seafood-filled weekend, but the best part about it is that we have another one coming right up! Brian and I leave for Seattle and Vancouver tomorrow and we’ll be gone for a full 7 days. I can’t wait!

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Pic Me Up - Cleveland Wedding
Happy hump day! I couldn’t be happier to be at the halfway point of this week. Actually, that’s not true. I’d really prefer for it to be Friday, but we’ll get there in due time. Until then, here are some pictures from our weekend scouting out wedding venues in Brian’s beloved Cleveland, Ohio. We’re still not officially booked just yet, but should be getting there soon. I’ll keep you all posted!

P.S. Have you ever eaten at a Bob Evans restaurant? They’re a Weiss family road trip staple and after going twice, I’m hooked. $9.99 for a delicious three-course meal. You must go the next time you see a sign for one. On our drive back to DC, I also tried Sheetz for the first time and loved that too! God bless, America. 

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Pic Me Up - Sarah's Wedding
A few belated pic-me-ups from last weekend’s DC wedding festivities. The bride was one of my nearest and dearest classmates from Georgetown, and it was great to see her and the rest of our school friends all in one place. We’ve come to learn we’re much better suited to dancing and partying than the classroom.

Don’t you you just love weddings? 

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Pic Me Up - Rockies
A few pictures from our weekend in Colorado, including Brian’s first trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. We had a wonderful time, but I’m very much looking forward to our first weekend in DC in I don’t know how long. Bonus: we have a wedding to attend! Weekend, get here already. 

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Pic Me Up - Bethany

For the first time in a long time, the week seems not to be dragging. Would you agree? Unfortunately, for me the feeling isn’t quite so positive considering it’s most likely the result of me falling behind in everything again. 

Do you use Todoist? I love it for keeping track of my tasks and different “projects,” the most recent of which is wedding planning. So. much. to. do. Todoist is great, but I constantly find myself postponing things which kind of defeats the whole purpose, but whatever.

With that said, here’s a look back at some of the things that I successfully accomplished in the last few days, including yet another great Bard Beach Weekend in Bethany, Delaware (thanks to the Bards!), a delicious batch of S’mores Cupcakes, and the start of a mandatory workout routine. Happy hump day!

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Pic Me Up - Proposal Cleveland
More pictures from the best weekend yet. Highlights include al fresco dining with family at Sequoia on the Georgetown waterfront, a special Rock n’ Blast fireworks spectacular at the Indians game in Cleveland, colossal grilled cheese sandwiches at Melt Bar and Grilled, and time with Brian’s Grandma Susan.

Oh, and Skyline Chili, although I’m still not sure how I feel about the stuff. 

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