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Easy Peach CrispsA recipe post! Finally. And to mark the occasion and my first food post as a Georgia resident, I made something with peaches, because of course. The peach part was easy. The challenge was making something not horribly bad for us (we ate a lot of great food over the weekend and I know I’ll be paying the price on the scale this week), and something that wouldn’t take too much effort (we had enough other housework to keep us busy). So, with the above criteria in mind, the idea for an easy, portion-controlled peach crisp for two was born. The results were quite satisfying, but the real accomplishment here is that I actually pulled off blogging about it. High fives all around. 


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Caramel Apple Hand Pies
Today is a big day at the office, we have a baby shower to celebrate! To honor the occasion, the coworkers and I are throwing one of our signature potlucks. We like to do it up big. Especially big this time, because Mommy-to-be’s had such a great year. In the last 12 month’s she’s gotten engaged, married, upgraded to bigger digs, and is now just weeks away from welcoming a baby boy into this world. What a year.

It wasn’t long ago that I baked a batch of Apple Pie Cupcakes to send her and her then husband-to-be off on their nuptials. They’re big pie people and ditched the traditional wedding cake for an assortment of pies. So when it came time to make something for their little one on the way, these little Caramel Apple Hand Pies were a no-brainer. 


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Cherry Vanilla Pie
Hello hello! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine certainly was and the Cherry Vanilla Pie you see before you played a big part. 

Fruit pies are the quintessential summer dessert, don’t you think? I realize the new season isn’t officially here yet, but with temperatures now steadily above 80, and one of Brian’s dear friends in town for the weekend, I thought I’d bake a little something special and summery to take with us to Lake Anna, so that’s what I did.

I decided on cherries because they’re one of the most special fruits out there (read: expensive). The two bags I bought at Whole Foods set me back 20 dollars. 20! A steep price to pay, for sure, but given the extra special company we had, the premium pie filling was more than justified, it was necessary. 


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Fruit Tart

January 1st is almost here, which means the light at the end of the holiday-party-dessert tunnel is finally in sight. Thank goodness. 

The last month has been a real crash course in easy, speedy dessert-making, which has proven to be a very useful and necessary survival tactic. My halfway-homemade fried cinnamon-sugar biscuits and banana-cream cupcakes were a big hit. But the greatest of them all is this here fruit tart. The crust is a breeze, the filling is a dream, and the fruit on top is nothing more than just fruit on top. The best part is it’s all homemade with none of the usual hassle. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you mine and your soon-to-be new dessert fallback. 


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Banana Cream Pie | Fortune Goodies

On this last Thursday of summer, I’m taking the opportunity to squeeze in a banana cream pie recipe for today’s throwback*.

After the weekend, things will be looking a whole lot more pumpkin and cinnamon around here. I know I’ve complained quite a lot about summer coming to an end, but promise to embrace the new season once it’s officially here. Until then, indulge me and let me share this deliciously banana and decidedly summer pie. 


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Strawberry + Blueberry Pie | Fortune Goodies

Summer is almost over. It’s back to school for me next Tuesday and I’m really not happy about it. So unhappy that I bought a bag of potato chips last night along with not one, but two different flavors of chip dip (french onion and buffalo sour cream), because I didn’t want to couldn’t decide on just one. Indecisive gluttony is not one of my more charming traits. 

Kind of like how I couldn’t decide between strawberry or blueberry pie, so I made this mostly strawberry pie with a few blueberries sprinkled throughout. Unlike the chip-dip slip, adding the blueberries was one of my better decisions.

Nothing says summer like a homemade berry pie, so here’s to hoping this latest creation helps me keep the fall and new school year at bay. Add naive and wishful thinking to my list of character flaws, but enough about me. Let’s talk strawberry pie.


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