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Risotto Balls aka Arancini | Fortune Goodies

Happy Friday! or Fryday as we like to call it around these parts.

Today is a good day, because not only do Brian and I fly home tonight (my home), but I’m also sharing this recipe for fried risotto balls, aka arancini, aka incredible. A special shout-out to my also incredible sis Kate for making these with me. Thanks, sis!

Kate and I are big fans of risotto balls. We get them on a too-regular basis at Taylor Gourmet, our favorite DC-hoagie joint. Our coworkers are no strangers to the place either, so when it came time to prepare a little something (and I prepared many things, I’ll share more later) for a coworker’s work bridal shower, I knew I had to give homemade risotto balls a try. And boy, am I happy I did. 


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