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His & Hers Grilled Cheeses

The next couple days are going to be pretty hectic with two big work events consuming my life. But before I run off to deal with this thing called a “day job”, I thought I’d leave you with some easy grilled-cheese inspiration. And yes, pimento cheese is involved. How could I not after Fryday’s post

We’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches these days. You know, being house poor and all. But we’ve done a pretty good job of mixing our sandwich fixings up that it’s actually been a lot of fun, tasty too. 

In most cases, Brian and I enjoy our sandwiches the same way, but when it comes to grilled cheese, we have very different tastes. I like mine with pimento cheese, and Brian prefers the goat variety. Because I’m an equal-opportunity grilled-cheese eater, you get to see both.


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