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Green Tea Peach SodaBonjour de Bruxelles! Brussels is the last stop on my fellowship before it all comes to an end on Saturday. Looking back, I can confidently say that I’ll be leaving a more educated journalist, a better citizen of this great big planet of ours, and so very happy to return to a country where water is most commonly served still, not sparkling.

I’m a bit of a carbonationphobe and too many times on this trip did I make the mistake of confusing “Classic” and “Naturelle.” You’d think they would mean the same thing, and yet one comes with stingy bubbles and the other doesn’t. Still, phobia aside, I’ve found myself tolerating the sparkling stuff a little more, which brings me to today’s Thirsty Thursday post. Sometimes a fizzy drink is so refreshing and delicious that even I can’t help but waiver from my anti-bubbles stance. This green tea peach soda with its sparkling peach water, my beloved green tea, honey, peach slices and mint, is exactly one of those rule-bending beverages that you just have to try and make for yourself. 


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