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Banana Split Cookies
I don’t know about you, but I measure the success of my weekends not by hours slept or tasks accomplished, but by the food consumed. How was yours?

At the onset, mine wasn’t looking so promising. Nine hours of Saturday class plus a few more for schoolwork will do that. But before I could throw in the towel, Brian and I managed to share a great Italian meal with friends at Lavagna on Capitol Hill (get the Bolognese), and I still found the time to make a batch of amazing, halfway homemade, busy-schedule-friendly Banana Split Cookies.

My luck turned around, and the weekend was a smashing success.


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funfetti cupcakes

My best friend Rohini comes to town tomorrow and I cannot wait. Today’s throwback post is in her honor.*

Almost exactly two years ago (it seems like only yesterday), we made her favorite Pillsbury funfetti cupcakes, but we made them from scratch. As these homemade things tend to go, it took several more steps and many more minutes, and we didn’t mind. Baking with your long-distance best friend while reminiscing about the old days in between spoonfuls of frosting is a beautiful thing. It should be savored, and spending a little or a lot more time in the baking process is fine by me. 

Recipes for the cupcakes and best-ever (trust me) vanilla buttercream after the jump.


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