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German Radler - Beer and Lemon Soda
The Germany life lessons didn’t end with World War II or the Berlin Wall, the learning applied to beer-drinking too! 

As you know, I’m not a fan of alcohol, so when I learned that Germans, major beer brewers, like to mix theirs with lemon soda in a drink they call a Radler, I knew life would never be the same. Sure, I still don’t love beer, but I now have a much more palatable beer option for the rare moments where drinking the stuff is unavoidable, and I have to say it’s pretty good. The easy recipe for beer lovers and tolerators alike is after the jump. Prost! That’s “cheers” in German.


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Green Tea Peach SodaBonjour de Bruxelles! Brussels is the last stop on my fellowship before it all comes to an end on Saturday. Looking back, I can confidently say that I’ll be leaving a more educated journalist, a better citizen of this great big planet of ours, and so very happy to return to a country where water is most commonly served still, not sparkling.

I’m a bit of a carbonationphobe and too many times on this trip did I make the mistake of confusing “Classic” and “Naturelle.” You’d think they would mean the same thing, and yet one comes with stingy bubbles and the other doesn’t. Still, phobia aside, I’ve found myself tolerating the sparkling stuff a little more, which brings me to today’s Thirsty Thursday post. Sometimes a fizzy drink is so refreshing and delicious that even I can’t help but waiver from my anti-bubbles stance. This green tea peach soda with its sparkling peach water, my beloved green tea, honey, peach slices and mint, is exactly one of those rule-bending beverages that you just have to try and make for yourself. 


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Mango Lassis

Something about me and Indian people really work well together. It’s unclear to me why, but many of my nearest and dearest friends come from the subcontinent and I don’t question it. I just know that I love their Bollywood dancing, their food (don’t even get me started on samosas), and their drink. Drink singular. Ask me to name anything other than a mango lassi and I’m at a loss, but what else does one need to know when delicious lassis (yogurt-based drinks) are all one really needs. 

This recipe was my first attempt at bringing the best part of dining out at Indian places home. It was a great big success that really couldn’t have been any easier. Me and my kinship with all things Indian are quite proud.


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Piña Colada Smoothie

Piña coladas. I love them so much. So it was only a matter of time before I started drinking them for breakfast. Of course, I’m talking about virgin piña coladas, but even then, making the drink morning-friendly required a few adjustments like dropping the maraschino cherries in favor of vanilla greek yogurt. Follow along and join me in getting the fiestas started a little earlier in the day. 


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Strawberry Milk
Before yesterday, I couldn’t remember the last time I had strawberry milk. Milk milk? Every morning with my cereal. Chocolate milk? I’d rather not say. But strawberry milk? Not since sometime in my now too-distant childhood. What’s up with that? 

As with most problems, I blame growing up. While I typically can’t stand the taste of artificial strawberry, pink milk I was always into. But somewhere along the way, without any warning, and without really noticing, it became an inappropriate thing to drink.

Well, not anymore, not when you can make it fresh. Join me in bringing strawberry milk back. 


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Green Tea Ice Cube Facial
I’m not one to preach beauty tips, because when it comes to my makeup, I’ve pretty much kept to the same routine since junior year of high school. It’s still MAC StudioFix powder foundation, MAC mineral bronzer, and Maybelline eyeliner, but I did recently add a NARS beauty stick and an SPF CC Cream to the mix, because let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger. Despite my lacking beauty knowledge, I thought I’d use today’s Thirsty Thursday platform to share a beverage-related tip: green tea ice cubes. 

Green tea, now that’s something I know a thing or two about.


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