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Avocado Banana Orange Smoothies | Fortune Goodies

Never would I think of putting an avocado in a smoothie.

Martha Stewart didn’t just think it, she did it. Providing yet more proof that she is a goddess among mortals. 

Her Avocado-Banana smoothie is similarly out of this world. And while I’m no culinary visionary, I at least have enough common sense to know that this one was a recipe worth sharing. 


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Raspberry Coconut Water Smoothie

I love coconut water. I love it so much that I, no joke, looked into attaching myself to a coconut-water IV drip. Turns out it’s a thing (number 8 on this list), and all of a sudden I felt a lot less lonely in this world.

Then I remembered that in my many conversations about the electrolyte-rich thirst quencher, I found that a lot of people really don’t like the stuff, my boyfriend and brother included. I couldn’t believe it, although I do have a theory.* But before I bore you with conspiracies, let me just say that I hold a glimmer of hope that people can become coconut-water converts, and I’m crossing my fingers that smoothies like this one might do the trick.


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Green Tea White Hot Chocolate

I haven’t posted a Thirsty Thursday in a while now, so today’s post is me easing my way back into the swing of things. Read: super easy.

As I said earlier this week, I’ve been keeping warm by alternating between green tea lattes and hot chocolate, so it was only a matter of time before I decided to combine the two. You know, for efficency’s sake.


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Eggnot Hot Chocolate | Fortune Goodies

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t care for eggnog. It’s just. so. weird. Whipped eggs in spiced, sweet milk & cream? Ugh. And yet, it’s so quintessentially Christmas that I always feel a little bad that I don’t include it in my holiday-food routine. Well, guess what. Always is in for a surprise, because I’ve found an eggnog drink that works for me and it’s called eggnog white hot chocolate. Thirsty Thurday’s back with a vengeance.


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Slow-Cooker Mexican Chicken Soup

Slow-cooker season is here! If you don’t already own a slow cooker, I suggest you add one to your Christmas list immediately. The empowerment I feel when I come home to the fragrant smell of a warm, ready-to-eat meal after a long day at work is a feeling that can’t be beat. So go get a slow cooker and christen it with this recipe for ridiculously easy Mexican chicken soup. 

If you own a slow cooker, you’ve likely already made this, and you’ll understand why I needed to share it in the off-chance someone hasn’t. The 3,800+ outstanding All Recipes reviews on what’s better known as a recipe for “Chicken Taco Soup” should speak for themselves, but let me tell you about it anyway. 


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White Hot Chocolate | Fortune Goodies

This isn’t the best picture I’ve taken, but don’t let that deter you from giving this white hot chocolate a try. The lesson here is some things aren’t meant to be photographed, just consumed. And even ugly pictures are worth sharing. 


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