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Pic Me Up - Lake Anna

Over the weekend, Brian and I went to Lake Anna. His darling aunt and uncle have a beautiful house there and we absolutely love visiting them in their little slice of paradise. They’re incredible cooks too, so basically, I want to be them. 

We’ve been countless times, and each time the agenda includes a stop at Wegmans (the best), sun, water, lots and lots of food, and movies. This time, we shook things up a bit by adding a visit to Jefferson’s Monticello in nearby Charlottesville. I’m a huge TJ fan and really enjoyed seeing where he lived. If you ever go, I recommend scheduling your visit in the afternoon. It wasn’t crowded and it felt like we had the place to ourselves. Make sure you stop by Lake Anna too. 

Also, I’m working on a little video of the weekend. If all goes well, check back on Friday to catch its debut. Have yourself a happy hump day. 

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Pic Me Up - Shenyang Inner Mongolia

This week’s pic me up features scenes from my mom’s hometown of Shenyang and my dad’s beloved Inner Mongolia. The biggest highlights of my trip weren’t the Great Wall or the skyscraping views in Hong Kong. No, what I loved most was sitting in the park with my 姥姥 (Laolao) and playing mahjong with my 奶奶 (Nainai).

Hope your week’s going well. Mine’s been looking up ever since I got hit by bird poop yesterday morning. 

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 Pic Me Up - Hunan

Here are some pictures from last week’s excursion to China’s Hunan province. The sights were as spectacular as the food was spicy.

My mom and I are now in my dad’s old stomping grounds of Inner Mongolia for a few days before I head to Beijing to catch a flight back to DC. It’s hard to believe this trip to the homeland is already winding down.

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Pic Me Up - Hong Kong 2

This week’s pic me up features more snapshots of Hong Kong and comes a day late thanks to the Great Firewall of China, and ok, I suppose general fatigue is to blame too. We’ve been kept incredibly busy and perpetually exhausted on our tour of Hunan province, so sleep’s been a pretty big priority. Hong Kong seems like forever ago and these pictures are a little tardy, but better late than never. 

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Macau Family
{My adorable aunts, mom and me}

Hi there! We’re about to start the next leg of my trip to the motherland with a 7-day tour of China’s beautiful Hunan province. I’m quite excited. 

But before I disappear for who knows how long, I want to share some pictures from our day trip to Macau. I didn’t particularly care for it, and at times, it felt as if the place was conceived just to ruin my plans for Hong Kong Disney, but that’s another story for another day. In the end, any time spent with my beloved aunts and mom is a good time in my book.

A-Ma TempleMacau Window PatternMacau Incense
{Sights from A-Ma Temple, Macau’s oldest place of worship}

I enjoy watching people burn incense at Buddhist temples, just not when it’s 100 degrees. 

Macau Tiles

Macau’s pretty patterned tiles were my second-favorite thing about the place. 

Macau Umbrella Egg Tart
{Colorful newspaper stands & Portuguese egg tarts}

These Portuguese egg tarts were my number-one favorite. They and they alone made the trip worthwhile.

Ruins St. Paul
{Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral}

SPaulo SignMacau St Paul Duo
{View from the steps of St. Paul’s & happy Chinese tourists}

That’ll do it from me for now. Until next time! 

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Pic Me Up - Hong Kong

My time in Hong Kong is officially halfway over. Here are some pictures with many more to come. Happy Wednesday!

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