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Wedding Wisdom
Happy Friday, friends! I overslept this morning, so that should give you an idea of just how ready I am for the weekend. So ready. Ready because I would love to truly sleep in both Saturday and Sunday, but mostly because Brian and I have a wedding to attend tomorrow (!!!). Our friends are getting married right here in DC at the Mayflower Hotel. Look how pretty. We have another wedding in Seattle later this month, so staying in town for this one just a few blocks from my apartment will be really nice.

In that spirit, I thought I’d skip the fattening Fryday post (the wedding diet starts now), and share some of the helpful resources I’ve found as I’ve done my preliminary planning for my yet to-be-determined wedding date and venue (we’re thinking Cleveland over Labor Day weekend). I hope to eventually settle on a more snazzy format for sharing my Wedding Wisdom, but links will do for now.

– The ultimate wedding timeline and checklist to help you get your wedding binder started. My friend Megan shared this with me and I thought it was only one page when I hit Print from the office. It’s 57 pages. Woops. The list is by Russell + Hazel, makers of great office and wedding planning paraphernalia. I bought a plain white binder from Staples, but am seriously considering switching to this one with pretty gold corners.

– A helpful Jewish Wedding Checklist that includes things like deciding on what type of ketubah we want and who should bless the challah. I have no idea, but should be a little less clueless after next week when Brian and I start our Introduction to Judaism class. So very Charlotte York of me, right?

– File these under “getting way ahead of myself,” but I’ve found this Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation, these free fonts for DIY wedding invitations, and this guide on how to negotiate with hotels for room blocks to be supremely educational and helpful. My personal tip on the last topic – make the groom deal with it.

– Now for the least fun, but most important part: Budgeting. Dun dun dun. Real Simple’s got a great Wedding-Budget Worksheet. And this list of 30 Unexpected Wedding Costs Brides Forget to Budget For is both scary but very helpful.

That’ll do it for this first wedding-related post. I promise to get back to the recipe routine next week. Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to wedding wisdom

  1. Chloe says:

    How exciting – congrats on the engagement! Charlotte York was first to my mind, too – I’m sure you’ll be just as much of a star student 😉

  2. Teesa says:

    i was looking through the wedding timeline and checklist and WOW! you guys are in great shape. i love how it says “create a wedding website” at 11 months to go!

    with your binder, i’d also combine monica geller with your charlotte york :)

    so much to do, but like you said in one of your previous posts, it’s a good kind of stress to have :)

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